Why More Women Should Be More Mysterious In Life

It’s not uncommon for women to be called mysterious but in all reality, what does that even mean? Are we so independent that we can’t be figured out, or are we so self-dependent that we’re trying to hide away on our own? Author John Green once wrote, “she loved mysteries so much that she became one.” He was talking about his very mysterious, fictional character, “Margo Roth Spiegelman,” from Paper Towns. The book itself is filled with mysteries but, the quote itself speaks volumes for women everywhere.

There are times when we feel rather unpredictable. Spontaneity can make life fun, keeping everybody on their toes. But that unpredictability can be a double edged sword at times; I don’t always know where I’m headed or how long it might take me so sometimes I feel like a mystery to myself. And when that mystery comes around, everything can feel a little tougher, to me and everyone around me. Whether I’m dealing with that stress by pushing others away, or by clinging, I’ll always be thankful to those who stick around while I figure everything out. And who knows, sometimes our friends really do know us better than we know ourselves

Women tend to put up walls, not in a house but in their minds, around their hearts and souls. These walls are there to protect them from getting hurt or being vulnerable. But these same walls might just be the ones that keep women from being those open books they imagine themselves to be.

Often at times, women will plan out their entire existence. They will have their wedding planned, their children’s names planned, and know what their future house and career will be. You have to admit, so many women out there are damn good at scheduling and planning. However, sometimes women need to realize that it is okay to not have your future completely scheduled.

As stated before, spontaneity can make life fun, but it can also make life more interesting. What is interesting about having a path that you created for yourself and just following it? The fun in life comes from building new and random paths that are mysterious and unknown. Through these hidden paths, you can rely on yourself and learn valuable information that you never knew.

Aside from taking random turns in your life, women have to learn to not be afraid to open up to new and thrilling opportunities. It is understandable that women are scared of getting hurt, but opening ourselves up and taking the risk of heartbreak or disappointment is what helps us progress and move forward. Without the opportunity of creating new chapters in our book, we miss out on the lessons we could be learning, the people we could meet, and more about our own individuality.

Collaboration with Cassandra Marie Vella

Featured Image via Pexels.


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