Why Your Writer’s Block Doesn’t Have To Be A Silent Killer

As writers, good thoughts tend to come and go; although it seems the best thoughts always come when you don’t have a pen or pencil. It is kind of funny how it works. Then once we get a pen and paper we lose the train of thought we once had before, leaving us wishing we could remember. This is what we call… writer’s block.

I have clearly had a large case of writer’s block and the only thing I can think to write about is writer’s block, but it is actually very hard to do. It is very hard to have a creative mind, one that allows your thought to grow all the time, to develop into something larger than just a thought.

As a writer, you think more about what the readers will think, than the way you write. Because we writers write for more than ourselves. We write for a purpose. A purpose to help someone who is going through the same situations as we have or we are currently going through now, and to create more creative minds around the world. Because we too need a little reading challenge.

I cannot speak for other writers but I personally enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. With writing, you have a story to tell but with reading, you have a story to understand, it is the best of both worlds. Plus reading actually keeps your brain sharp. Plus sometimes when reading you pick up a certain word or phrase that creates those energetic juices inside your brain which can regenerate those thoughts and ta-da, you’re able to write again. That is step number one to relieving writer’s block, read.

Step two involves a little more socializing, but it can be very helpful. Just like reading you can also pick up those creative energetic juices by having a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a sit-down, hour-long conversation but sometimes one on one interaction does go a long way.

If those two steps didn’t help I do have one more idea, it just costs more time and money. If anyone reads the rest of my blogs you’ll know exactly what step number three is: traveling. Traveling is so helpful not just with writing but with everything in life as you get to understand new languages, new cultures and see beautiful landscapes. Each one of those new adventures allows for your mind to adapt to the new things you’re learning. Next thing you know, you’ll be writing as much as you possibly can because your creative juices have returned. In all seriousness give it a try, it can be an hour down the road or across the country but either way, you’re traveling and experiencing new things.

If none of these steps work for you I suggest taking a you day. A day spent with only yourself but spent doing the things you like doing. Learn what makes you smile, learn what makes you laugh, learn what you want your life to look like because emotions are good to have, and even better to understand. Then hopefully you’ll find something to write about.

Remember one thing, you are alive with possibilities. You just need to find them.

Featured image via Kat Stokes on Unsplash


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