Why I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Stop Writing About You

The moment when you feel your sanity slip is the kind of moment that caused me to write this piece. I often get distracted, but still, manage to link unrelated thoughts and sentences together. Unintentionally, I seem to write about the same topics and realize that I could be trying to think about something as ambiguous as the sky and think of blue eyes, or water – like the tears I cried, and just fall back into the negative mentality that was caused by people who have hurt me.

I always thought that when darkness

Blanketed the sky,

It was unsafe.

I was unsafe.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s the days.

The days terrify me the most.

I’ll wake with my core shaking,

Fearing the monsters I may see.

See, they don’t hide in the trees at night,

They walk beside you, pass you on the streets,

Streets you used to know,

But now can’t navigate through.

Through, I thought I was through with you.

You seem to be the habit I cannot shake.

I shake at night from the nightmare that is the reality

That you left.

Left is the way to your house.

Houses don’t feel like homes to me anymore.

In an attempt to avoid you,

I go right.


I guess I never got anything right for you.

My mind is a mess I don’t think I can clean up,

At least not right now.

Now, I try to write things that aren’t about you.

But I guess here’s another piece of me

You have snuck your way into.

Featured image via Brittani Burns on Unsplash


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