Bust Out The Stationary & Celebrate National Thank You Note Day


December 26th is National Thank You Note Day. The day is dedicated to writing thank you cards to show appreciation for everyone in your life. The special day is the perfect reason to write to those you love. And, of course, you should send some to the people who sent you thoughtful holiday gifts.

National Thank You Note Day is the day to celebrate your family and friends. It’s a light-hearted holiday that we often overlook. When we thank people for our Christmas gifts, though, we also commemorate it without even knowing what we’re doing.

With all the latest technology, handwritten greeting cards are rare these days. It’s easy to send a text or an email with a sweet message. However, sending a heartwarming letter via “snail mail” is so much more genuine. So let’s go back to 1874 (when American stores began selling holiday cards) and send letters to all of the people who bring joy into our lives.


When you send a handwritten letter, the thought behind it truly shows. So today is the perfect day to take a step back and recognize how your friends and family have enhanced your life instead of counting their shortcomings. It’s a great time to think about who you’re most thankful for and tell them exactly how you feel.

If you’re having a tough time putting your gratitude into words, then head to the store to find a card with the perfect message inside. Chances are, you’ll find a card that’s calling your name. Even if you buy a card, you can include a short personal message inside or write a lengthy description of everything you appreciate about your loved one. But of course, whether you decide to make or buy your thank you note, make it intimate and thoughtful.

Today’s the best day to show your family and friends just how much you appreciate their presence in your life. So don’t forget to take a couple minutes and write a thoughtful note to the people who make your life better.

Feature Image by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash


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