5 Things Your Relationship Needs In Order To Last

It is becoming harder and harder to find a real relationship that is based on more than just sex these days. Yes, sex is an important factor in a relationship. If you are not sexually attracted to someone then are you really in a good relationship? But there are other factors that make up a strong relationship other than sex.

I like to think there are 5 areas in a relationship. All 5 of these categories must be strong in order to have a real relationship. Each of these factors brings a different view on the relationship and its strength. Keep these in mind when evaluating your current relationship or when you are thinking about relationships in the future. These factors could mean the difference between a short-term fling, and a long term marriage.


Having personalities that work well together is great! Depending on your personality, that may be someone opposite of you, or exactly like you. Regardless, find someone with a personality that works well with yours. Try working out any kinks in the beginning of the relationship if possible, but remember to try not to change them as a person. The more you try to change them as a person, the more they will begin to resent you. Find someone that you naturally work with and good thing will come.


Communication is something that has to be built. Communication is the foundation to every great relationship, without it, you don’t know what your partner needs wants and/or expects out of the relationship. When you are in a relationship, you are a team. As a team, you have to make sure you are providing to each other and making sure all of their needs are met.


Marry your best friend. Actually, start by dating your best friend. Form more strength in your relationship. You two should be able to laugh together, cry together and just overall be there for your partner during the good times and the bad. Tell them all of your secrets, ask their opinions, and make them a priority in your life. Looking at your best friend as your potential life partner shows you what you want out of a lifetime partner.


Have trust in your partner. I know you have probably been hurt in the past by others, but the one you are dating now is not the same as your ex. If your partner has done something to discredit themselves, should they really be with you? Be with someone you can trust completely. This goes along with dating your best friend but is extremely vital to any long lasting relationship. No trust = no relationship.


As I stated above, sex isn’t the most important thing but that doesn’t mean that sex isn’t important. Great sex improves moods and releases stress. Having great sex will strengthen your relationship with your significant other, but remember that it isn’t everything. Find other alternatives to improve moods and release stress to keep each other happy. But if you aren’t against having sex, then you know what to do to improve your relationship.

Obviously, if you are not in a relationship, this is not towards you. I am in no way against random sexual adventures, but it is not the life for me. I prefer my long term relationships. If you are looking into getting into a long-term relationship, these are the 5 key factors that you should look for before getting into anything long term. But regardless, you do you.

These 5 things can be key to having a healthy, fulfilling relationship. All relationships are not the same, but overall these 5 things keep the average relationship happy and healthy! Sex isn’t everything in a relationship and it is time that as a generation that we can have healthy meaningful relationships that last past just a few months.

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