4 Ways Being Open-Minded Will Make You Happier

Sometimes life is messy and you never really understand why certain things happen. You don’t know what will happen next or if you’ll live to see another day, and that is the beauty in life.

I recently started in believing that everything happens for a reason and my life has drastically changed. I am living the life I want, doing the things I need to be happy, living my life the way I always expected it to be. I realized having an open mindset allows for so much more of what I’d call fun: living the life you truly want.

Discovering New Music

My favorite part about being open minded is having the ability to fall in love with every type of music. It doesn’t matter whether it is R&B, rap, jazz, hip-hop, or country, you will always have an escape from the real world and a sense of freedom from your problems. Plus you’ll be able to jam out to whatever song comes on the radio. I call that a major plus!

Exploring New Places

I find being open minded a great way to truly find yourself. No matter whether you travel five hours away from home or across the country, being open minded allows you to take a chance on something not everyone would do. Travelling offers a chance to find yourself and understand what you want to do with your life. Travelling also teaches you wonderful things, such as how to appreciate all the little things you have in life and how to stay positive each and every day.

Accepting New Opportunities

Being open minded also allows you to look at everyone the same way, which is incredible. Being able to see everyone in the same view until you meet them allows for no bias or judgment, which is so desired when trying to create new friendships. You will be able to create long lasting friendships with those of other race, age, gender, and religion. Plus, who knows how influential this person can be throughout your life.

Trying New Foods

Food is another good example of using and having an open mindset. You might hesitate, but you’ll always try that seafood you think looks weird, or that snail because you want to say you’ve tried it. You want to look back and laugh at the things you ate all because you’re being adventurous.

There are benefits to both closed and open mindsets and whichever one works for you is great, and my only advice is to do what you want. Be your own person, do not let anyone decide things for you. Live your life so that one day you can wake up and say “I was so happy to have done that, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Live your life to the fullest, and the way you desire it to be.

Featured image via Artem Bliaikin on Unsplash


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