Why The Toughest Battle You’ll Ever Fight, Is Against Yourself

My Spanish class read a poem by Julia de Burgos called, “A Julia De Burgos”, about the author’s inner struggle. It was a “you vs me” type of story, only she was both of the characters. Her inner self and her outer self, battling each other. My professor assigned for us to write our own version of the poem, but in Spanish of course. I wrote it in English first and decided to do something with that version too.

Compare us two?
I could never; there is no comparison

I have everyone fooled – you?
You know the truth.

I’m sure of my future;
I’m happy every day;
nothing takes my smile away.
But you?

You pretend.
You’ve always had everyone fooled;
they all think you’re perfect,
but you know the truth.

I have no fears.
I show no feelings.
I always have a smile and I never have tears –
not you, though.

You’re scared every day.
You have no idea where you’re going in life.
You’re not even sure what you want out of life.

They all think I’m so great.
They all expect me to be what they need;
never stopping to think about what I need.
What’s worse? You let them –
and I sit back and allow it.

I can only do as much as you let me,
yet you hold me back so much.
We’re in this together,
I could take us far –
but you know the truth.

You know one day everyone will find out it’s all a lie.
They’ll see you’re not as smart as they thought you were,
they’ll see you’re not as strong as they thought you were,
they’ll see you’re not as perfect as they thought.

I want that, don’t you?
The pressure will be off and we can just be ourselves.

I can laugh when I want,
I can feel what I want,
I can be who I want.
I won’t have to think about what they want.

You’ll be happy.
I’ll be happy –
But you don’t want that, do you?
They can’t know the truth,
so I have to keep lying for you.

We can never both be happy.
So, I’ll keep being happy, and you?
You keep being you.

Featured image via lucas da miranda on Pexels


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