8 Tips To Reinvent Your Sex Life

There comes a time in every relationship where things start becoming really old, really quickly in the bedroom. Whether it be your time of the week or day, the fact you only ever seem to do it in missionary, or the fact you don’t even have sex; every couple goes through this slump when you should be getting into the hump.

Dimming the lights and wearing expensive lingerie aren’t your only options to re-ignite the flame. Getting your sex life back into the swing of things is stupidly easy to do, it just takes some unique ideas to start the ball rolling. And it doesn’t even have to cost you money…. Well, sometimes it can.

Wear Heels

There is something to be said about what a good pair of heels can do to your confidence, and your legs. By wearing your heels in the bedroom and nothing else, you gain a new sophisticated confidence that can lead to great sex. (Plus it can make you feel and look like a porn star, which some guys will love!)

Press Play On Commercial Breaks

An irritatingly sexy way to tease yourselves and build anticipation is to make out during commercial breaks. Once your show goes to commercial, crawl over to your man and attack him with kisses, and once your show is back on, stop dead in your tracks and continue during the next break. You better be watching a half an hour show because this one gets hot quick!

Get Dressed Last

If you two are going out for the night, get ready after him and let him watch. Do everything in your bra and panties from applying your makeup to doing your hair. It’ll build the anticipation for later because he knows what’s going underneath your outfit all night.

Have Naked Sundays

If you two live on your own or have a free house, keep the blinds closed and spend the day fully naked in each others company. There’s something about a naked body that can get your mind going. You’re guaranteed to have sex at least three times that day.

Have A Toy Box

Getting sex toys in the bedroom can be daunting and a tad pricey, but it can lead to some of the best sex of your life. Vibrators are a great way to enhance your sex lives and can create the best pleasure for both parties. Simpler tools such as handcuffs or blindfolds work just as fine as well.

Create A New Position Challenge

Plan a new position challenge with your significant other and see how many you can accomplish in a round, or in a month. You can openly express things you wanted to try as well as open the discussion for other things you want to try, too.

Leave An Object

Open a pack of beads and divide them between you and your partner. Whenever one of you wants to have sex, leave a bead on the nightstand. When a bead is left in the open, that signifies you will have sex at any given moment within the next 24 hours. When you see one of their beads, you know it’s going to happen and can prepare, then you just wait.

Play Sexopoly

This game is just a super fun way that does half of the work for you in terms of setting the mood. It’s played similar to Monopoly so it’s fairly simple to understand, and knows how to bring the heat… Just not over real estate.

The main thing to stress about enhancing your sex life is to try and create anticipation as much as possible. The more prepared they are to perform with you the more sensual and aggressive they will become in all the right ways. Remember S is for simplicity, E is for ecstasy, and X marks the spot.

Featured image via Pasha Chusovitin on Unsplash


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