4 Things To Do If You’re Stuck In A Love Triangle

My guilty pleasure is watching reality television. I think it’s the drama that I lack in my everyday life that gets to me. Recently I have been hooked on Are You the One?. I can’t wait for a new episode to come out every single week. For those who have never seen the show, it is a matchmaking game where singles are paired up based on extensive testing to find their “perfect match”.  I think one of the most common problems on the show is the love triangles. However, a lot of us have been in similar situations, and our own lives are sometimes worthy of a reality show.  It sucks if you are stuck in the middle of a love triangle or if you are one of the sides who is struggling for the attention of the other person. Love triangles really are the worst! Below I outlined four steps that Are You the One has actually taught me about love triangles and how to potentially resolve this horrible dilemma.

  1. Consider your choices
    You might not want to be a part of the love triangle as soon as you realize that you are in one. So you might try to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. You might think this is the best option and the easiest way out of feeling guilty and uncomfortable. The only problem is that you might make a rash decision that can impact you in the long run. Consider every option and how every choice will affect you. Sometimes it might be wiser to stick it out to be happy in the long run.
  2. Talk about it and share your feelings
    Some people might not realize how invested you are in the relationship. If they don’t check up on you every single minute and see that you are suffering than they won’t be able to understand how you really feel about them. The person in your love triangle might just be oblivious to the fact that their actions impact you in a very deep way. It’s always important to share how you really feel on either side of the love triangle and convey to them that this is impacting you in a big way.
  3. Acceptance
    Don’t cling on to the idea that something might work out in the future. It’s important to evaluate the situation and not imagine something that is not there. Moving on can be rough but it is much easier to come to terms with the situation if you haven’t invested too much of yourself into it. Dealing with something that you have been a part of for three weeks as opposed to three months is a big difference. So don’t torture yourself if there is no concrete sign that it will all work out in the end. Sometimes you just have to accept that some people don’t change or that they are just not as invested as you are.
  4. Distract yourself
    It’s important for this not to consume you. The best way to move on or to figure out your next step is to take some time off and to focus on yourself. Spend some time with family and friends to give your mind a rest. It is important to take a breather in order to not make a rash decision and to evaluate the situation from an objective viewpoint.  

Love triangles are not fun when you are unintentionally a part of one. However every situation can be resolved, it just takes time and effort to figure out what the best option is for you. So don’t overreact if you do happen to be in one, take your time and consider your choices. And while you do that, enjoy some reality TV because it might actually give you great advice.  

Feature Image via screengrab from Vampire Diaries.


    • Hey! Same thing happens to me but with 2 people! They both like me and start fighting and I like both of them! Idk what to do!

  1. I’m in a love triangle but I’m not the main person in it, Person A likes me, Person B and Person C. Person B, C and I all like Person A but Person A doesn’t know who to choose. Help please…

  2. Im in a love triangle and it hurts When he cant sleep with me everynight.But the good thing is he be with me more than he be with her …Yes they do have history…But they cant get alone period she be wanting him to come home and when he get there she do something to him to run him back to me and she call me and tell me he on his way back to my house and I say ok…And he come …..Im really so deep in love with him I dnt know what to do…Help me please

  3. im in a love triangle as well and its with me ex and someone who likes me and i dont know who to pick because me and my ex have strong history but the other person is so kind and loving not only to me but other people and thsts what i love about him and i spend most of the time with him….help needed

    • This is My exact EXACT Like, word for word situation i really don’t know what to do And the thing is we are going to have a prom and the nice one asked me but i just found out that my ex wants to ask me but the thing is… i already said yes to the nice one and i don’t like him Like i like my ex I really don’t know what to do…
      Please help

    • Im actually in a same if not than close to situation. For me, I have a boyfriend who is far away, well not so far, like 2 hours. We have been together for 3 years now. However another guy who started out as a friend, wants to be with me. My mother likes him more than my current boyfriend so im dating both but…i cant choose between the two. I already loved my boyfriend of 3 years, but now my friend wants to marry me since he loves me. Both loves me. My friend and boyfriend treats me well. Although I only known my friend for 1 year. We never really officially dated. But however is better financial help at the moment than my boyfriend. I dont know how to handle it myself. On one hand i cant imagine my boyfriend with another girl but my friend does so much for me and loves me. I dont really wanna hurt him either…. Im so confused…

  4. I’m in a love triangle well you can say affair I guess. I love her. She loves me. But she with someone and has a daughter with him and I have a daughter as well. She told me if she didnt have a daughter it would be a no contest and shell choose me. But she doesnt want to lose her daughter. I am separated with my baby momma and am completely in love with her. She doesnt know what to do. I love her and I treat her the best i could and when I shop for my daughter I shop for her and well. And she does the same for mine. I love her and want to be with her. What can I do? Or am I just kidding myself

    • So I suggest you tell her to take full custody of that daughter of her’s, she get’s a divorce, and then after some time she goes with you, since she does love you. Or, you can both just say the truth.

  5. I’m in a love triangle too … He’s in my tuition… I didn’t even knew … We were good being Platonic friends….and he likes my friend…but slowly when we started spending time together i started falling for him …. I know that there won’t be any possibility because he loves my friend….. And even that I’ve confessed my feelings to him … And he understood and still we’re good friends and he really cares for me …. But it hurts me seeing him hurt … because the person he likes…she too likes someone else …… I would have forgotten him ….but the memories that I’ve made with him …. Idk how to forget that ….. I am in tears now …. …. I wish he would have loved me back …but I know it’ll be selfish of me ……. Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t have confessed…. I’m afraid that our remaining frndship would be ruined….

  6. I’m in a love triangle but I have a boyfriend but I like my ex-boyfriend but he has a girlfriend and I don’t know how to figure it out on my own. someone please help me….

  7. i’m in a love triangle but I have a boyfriend but I like my ex-boyfriend but he has a girlfriend and I don’t know how to figure it out on my own. someone please help me I am getting really stressed out because of this.

  8. I have a boyfriend and I am in a love triangle. I have two guys that like me, plus my boyfriend. And I feel like I’m falling out of love with my boyfriend and falling in love with the two other boys. I dont know what to do. Please help.

  9. PLEASE HELP i like this guy and he like me but i have a friend that also like him but the guy doesn’t know that me and him like him but we do and i’m a girl and he’s guy and he’s straight but my friend isn’t and he like him even though he’s straight you know what mean so the guy i like is straight and he likes me because it’s obvious but my friend doesn’t know that he likes me and i don’t want to hurt him

  10. help im stuck in a love triangle there are two guys that have fallen for me and i like both of them and i dont know which one to choose and they are friends with each other and i dont want to break their friendship and i dont want to break either of their hearts

  11. Hey, so I’m currently in a love triangle situation where I’m most likely person B. My ex & I broke up months ago & while in the mist he rekindled with an ex on accident. Him & I also rekindled things between us. Fast forward, we had so many talks & he’s really coming to terms that he wants to be with me & I make him happy, etc. But Person C is a very good friend to him (note they haven’t talked in nine years). I’m trying my hardest to be patient & mend my relationship because my intuition says that if I do the reward will be well worth it in the end, but my mind is just eating me alive. Just knowing that they still talk kills me. & there’s so much more detail to the story.. any advice?

  12. My frnd is in a problem of triangle love such he is confused where should he go
    Like A loves B and B Loves C and C also loves B and B cnt leave A bcoz she is little bit pshyco n he is confused so plz help him plz it’s affecting him a lot.

  13. I don’t what to call what I am going through. Last month I was single than the next thing I am stuck in a complicated situation where I met a guy . I liked him. He told me he like me but his actions said otherwise . He didn’t give me the attention I need and I love attention. Next thing I meet a guy who gave me attention and actually listened when I spoke and I fell for him there . A person listening to me is a huge thing because I am a talkative person. I ramble sometimes. I wanted to block all connections with the first guy but I just left it like that cause I thought we not going anywhere. Suddenly the guy is giving me affection and attention . My feelings than became stronger. The second also made my heart beat but never really gave hints of wanting to become more. I suddenly saw him post a woman and a kid with the heart emoji. Me being a overthink we started making assumptions. I was heart broken and than I told myself I have to get over him. So I stopped flirting with him and put him in the friendzone and payed attention to the first guy. I agreed to be the first guy’s girlfriend one week later. We decided to take things slow. A week later the second guy confesses his feelings for me and it turns out the woman and kid are his sister and nephew. I couldn’t tell him I have a boyfriend and me being stupid I opened a an of beans and told him I love him too. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know who to choose cause I don’t do well in having two partners. I only want one.

  14. I am in a love triangle the girl i like likes me but the problem is the girl i like also like another boy which is my best friend, and just now i feel like im gonna recieve a rejection all though the girl i like knows i like her and i know she likes me too..also a problem that the boy she likes, likes her too much and that they want to get married after the very few years till we finish college. I dont know what to do, please help me, i like her so much that i cant imagine her with another guy.
    (Im lesbian and the girl i like is bisexual)

  15. Hey,
    I’m in a difficult situation and need some advice plz:

    Basically, I have a boyfriend, who I’ve been going out with for 3 months but there’s this other guy, who says he really likes me and really cares about me. He’s quite sweet, like he always asks if I’m ok before and after school and we get on really well as friends. He’s kind of like the ‘bad boy’ of the school, so he doesn’t really open up about his feelings much but he does to me. This morning, he told me how he felt (making him pretty vunerable) but, like I said, I already have a boyfriend, who I want to start faithful to, so I shot him down and explained I have a boyfriend already. However, I feel kinda mean, even though I know I did the right thing. Still, he’s asking if I’m alright and how my day was and I think he still likes me.

    How do I send a clear message that I’m not interested, without hurting him and still getting to be friends with him?

  16. Hey, basically im in a love triangle. I have been dating this guy for 4 month , he told me that he has a girlfriend later on. So i know about this chick but that chick she doesn’t know about me. I’ve been trying to move on but i cant what do you suggest??

    • Its still early you can get out of this situation for your sanity, but if you really love the guy talk to him about your concerns if he doesn’t value them then I suggest you leave him, relationship should not be toxic I feel your pain good luck

  17. I’m in a love triangle where the lady has two kids with this guy so the guy abused the lady and I picked up the pieces I even considered these kids as mine now the problem is that the guy doesn’t want to let go, he threatened the lady that he will kill them, so the lady I think she has a soft spot for the guy because she doesn’t want to report the guy to the police, she says she loves me and she does everything for us but now I want out but she assures me that she is dealing with the problem and that I should give her some time now I dont know what to do because I really love this woman, this guy takes advantage of the lady because she has no family and I feel like walking away from her will be like I’m a coward and that might destroy her more, she is emotional and psychological wreck, what should I do please help

  18. I’m in a love triangle between my boyfriend and my best friend (girl). I’ve only been with him for a month, but I do enjoy his company a lot. The thing is that I enjoy hers more though, and I had a crush on her before he and I started dating. I’m afraid of breaking it off with him because I don’t want to hurt his feelings, and if the relationship with her doesn’t work out I would be devastated to lose her as a friend moreso than if I lost him as a friend. It’s all complicated and I’m sad 🙁

  19. I am also in love triangle person A is my relative n she is cheating with this guy but the guy n I developed strong feelings for each other. Recently we’ve been talking about starting a business together but he is going to be silent partner…What sould I do now

  20. I just asked my ex if he still likes me and he said yes and I thought it would be fine bcs im only talking to this one other person who said he wants to be with me but we live too distant. But then I asked my ex if he wanted to try it out again bcs I missed our relationship, and tbh we really didn’t break up a rumor spread saying I had sex with someone else, but we eventually fell apart. But this other person we’ll call him bob ig he added me on TikTok so I added him back (this was about 2 years ago) then he posted a video with his snap on it (last month) and it came on my fyp so I added him, and we talk almost all the time and I feel like he likes me a lot of not loves me, and I do truly feel like I’m in love with him. But idk what to do I was crying for an hour bcs of this PLS HELP MEI know it’s just teen romance/drama but it’s truly frustrating/depressing I just need help I don’t wanna lose anymore sleep off of this stuff I can’t do it.

  21. The kind of love triangle in which I am is that the same girl that I like, another guy likes her and the girl doesn’t want to be in a position whereby she’ll have to choose btw the both of us buh she prefers me a hundred percent. She doesn’t have feelings for the other guy and also she’s doesn’t want to date him out of pity cos the guy is kinda blackmailing her emotionally. Now cos of the guy she isn’t giving me a green light…


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