16 Guys Explain How They Want To Be Dominated In Bed

There’s always a moment of panic that sets in when your guy asks to be dominated in bed, at least for once. What do I do? What do I say? How far is too far? What the hell do I do? All of those thoughts come flooding through your mind while you’re literally sweating on top of him. And you start to become terrified. 

In my quest to gain some knowledge, I figured I’d ask a few guys how they like to be dominated in bed (or what they actually mean when they say it).

“Initiating sex is probably the easiest way to dominate. I don’t always want to beg for it or make the first move.” — Shawn, 25

“Climb on top of me when I least expect it. Initiate it and start riding the hell out of me. And if I try to touch you, don’t let it happen. Pin my hands down at least.” — Kirk, 27

“I want her to order me around. Tell me what position she wants, where to kiss her, how she wants me to eat her out, and what to do.” — Ryan, 28

“Biting works wonders for me. Bite my neck, my triceps, especially my shoulders, and anywhere else you can aside from my balls or dick.” — Brendan, 25

“Rip my clothes off when you want to have sex. Don’t tease me, just go for it and go all out.” — Ricky, 29

“Scratch my back, my triceps, and my scalp while we bang in missionary. Gets me every time. So does hair grabbing.” — Erik, 24

“I love slapping, and on the odd occasion, spanking. It’s a fun little role reversal that isn’t extreme but still different and shows dominance.” — Ahmed, 28

“Being teased. I like when she teases me by rubbing my tip on her clit or just barely putting it inside her and pulling it out.” — Andre, 24

“Teasing through dirty talk also works wonders. You don’t have to ask complicated questions, just say things like ‘how good does my pussy taste?’ or ‘are my tits making you hard?’. Most girls love when I moan my responses and it’s a win-win for both of us.” — Craig, 26

“Shove a cheeky finger in my ass or play with my asshole. I know it’s not something every woman is into, but it’s so fucking hot and feels next-level good. I love getting rim jobs too, and it’s so hot when a girl gives me one.” — Richie, 28

“When a girl puts a cock ring on me. One time my girlfriend surprised me with one, slipped it on when I was blindfolded — it was part of my birthday surprise. After she put it on, she gave me the ride of my life. So sexy and not that expensive from what I hear.” — Anthony, 28

“When a woman is really innocent. It’s an added bonus to have her dress up in something super sexy. Maybe like lace or leather lingerie. If she has a whip that’s even sexier.” — Erich, 29

“Shove me onto the bed for once.” — Ali, 24

“Bondage and blindfolding. Even if it’s using a bandana to tie my arms to the bed or tie them together. It’s really hot to not have control of my body and to let her be creative to do it all.” — Maxwell, 23

“A woman with an alter ego. Kind of like Betty on Riverdale — with a dark side. I like it when she plays a role that’s totally different from the one she normally has. Maybe it’s wearing a wig, certain sexy outfits, or changing her whole demeanor. I find that kind of role-play super hot.” — Chris, 26

“Dominating to me is when I don’t have to make too many decisions or initiate. I just enjoy sitting back and letting her call the shots for once.” — Brody, 27

Turns out, dominating a man isn’t as hard as we all thought. It sounds like really minor things are considered to be dominating, and they’re super easy to accomplish. So next time you want to switch things up or your man suggests you take the lead, try a few of these techniques and let us know if they worked in the comments below.

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