This Healthy Vegan Smoothie Tastes Like A Chocolate Milkshake

I am no stranger to vegetarian or vegan cuisine, but lately, I’ve been slipping in how healthy I am eating. Sometimes it’s easy to convince yourself eating healthy is a task that requires lots of effort, time, preparation, and will power you don’t have.

Well, this smoothie is my late night guilty pleasure. I know a lot of nutritionists will rave about eating fruit at night for a treat (excuse me?) but I like to keep it real (I definitely demolished that entire bag of Smartfood and chocolate bar for my treat). However, this one drink really does make me believe that eating healthy does not have to be that hard. It gives me hope!

Let’s jump into the ingredients:

Almond Milk
Cacao Powder
Vanilla Extract (optional)
Almond Butter (optional)
Chia Seeds (optional)
Hemp Protein Powder (optional)

I’m sipping on it right now as I write this post and I just have to share. YUM! I am wildly surprised at how hit or miss vegan recipes/products can be, so when I see a HIT, you bet I will rave about it. 

Add each ingredient to taste. I like to add more cacao to mine because I like that rich chocolatey taste. I blend mine in my Vitamix, however, any type of blender will work nicely. And it’s completely vegan! This smoothie is packed with benefits, and studies have even shown that having a protein smoothie before bed can help aid in weight loss while you sleep!

Give it a try and comment below what you think!

Featured image via Maid Milinkic on Unsplash


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