8 Struggles Only Solo Travelers Will Understand

Summer is approaching and being single is no reason to stay home. If your friends all have plans or are too broke to join in your adventures, you should totally go it alone. Enjoy laughing at the following cliches as you tick them off your alternative travel list.

1. Not being able to reach around to your back with the sunscreen and end up with a funky burn pattern as a result.

 fail beach boobs bikini oops GIF

2. Needing to get creative with camera timers and selfie-sticks because no matter what you do, the friendly guy in the hat just isn’t getting you the shot you need.

 president obama library selfie stick taking a selfie smiling for the camera GIF

3. Drinking a bottle of wine street-side with a friend equals looking suave. On the other hand, drinking a bottle of wine alone street-side, beach-side, wherever you like really, just equals a slightly deranged alcoholic look.

 drinking wine amy schumer happy hour adult humor GIF

4. That awkward moment when the restaurant concierge peers around you in search of your non-existent mates and asks how many the table will be for, “Ummm one, yep, just me, thanks”.

 alone valentines day how i met your mother robin lonely GIF

5. When you have to share your overnight bus bunk with a stranger – hello close proximity and situations you would never otherwise find yourself in.

 dog train GIF

6. When the kayaks are two-seaters and you need to locate a buddy, stat – cue grinning at every approaching individual.

 smile katy perry awkward nerd nerdy GIF

7. Falling into uncontrollable laughter at the complete language blunder you made, then realizing that no one else gets it quite like you do.

 laughing laugh scrubs laughing gif dr cox GIF

8. Getting to the end of the day and needing, really urgently, to chat about all the awesome things you did with anyone who will listen!

Originals talking phone chat flirt GIF

You’ll laugh about all of this later, and ultimately, the solo trip will not only bring you a story of incredible adventures but probably a bunch of new mates (to plan the next vacation with) and a bucketful of confidence that you didn’t have before. Meeting friends on the road has never been easier, with more and more people traveling alone, so this is definitely the time to give it a shot!

Featured image via Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash


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