20 Times You Realize You Are Old AF

So one afternoon, I was sitting at my full-time job, thinking about how amazing five o’clock will be when it arrives in a few short hours. Until I remembered I worked immediately after, so nine o’clock was my new goal to reach, but then I thought about how much needed to get done when I got home. I was thinking about how kids are home right now with canceled school buses because of the snow and then it hit me.

Crap; I’m an adult.

This realization has been with me for a while that I’m adulting, but the fact that I’m a proper adult now actually ruined me. It was a horrific feeling and it made me want to run into my mommy’s arms and sob hysterically like a five-year-old while she kisses my forehead and tells me to “grow up”. Well, guess what, mom? Now I am and I want to go back!

So let’s collectively look back on our youth and think, “holy crap, I’m old”, shall we?

1. Not being able to laugh out loud at funny words anymore and having to hold them in because you need to act properly in a social setting.

2. Sabotaging your siblings to get your parents love and affection isn’t a thing anymore… But you still know you’re the favorite child.

3. Not being able to understand what kids say these days.

4. When your cousins and siblings start having their own families… And it is weird AF.

5. When the baby of the family starts giving you attitude and you realize who the new queen b*tch is in this family.

6. When you have a quarter life crisis and have to act like your mom in the mirror to make yourself feel better.

7. Coming to the realization of how small Halloween candy truly is, yet still wanting to devour it.

8. Realizing kids of today don’t know who Lizzie McGuire is and how influential she was to our lives.

9. Going back to your elementary school and feeling like a giant while remembering all of the boogers, beat ups, and pencil sharpener secrets.

10. Wearing high heels is not as glamorous as we thought it was when we were 10 and trying them on in PayLess.

11. Trying to be healthy is so hard when you are exhausted and lazy.

12. Calling your mother to complain about being an adult at least 3 times a day.

13. Realizing the value of a moment for what it is has become a major life lesson.

14. Making a fort for old-times sake, because you can.

15. Your old crush who everyone thought was ugly has now turned hot.

16. When everyone said “this will be the best time of your life” and it was a lie because it wasn’t at the time…. But now it seems to be.

17. Every. Little. Thing. Stresses you out. Everything.

18. You now see your family members true colors… And they were not the nice person you always thought they were.

19. The snacks are overflowing…. But you now have to pay for them and they are expensive.

20. And after all of this, you’re still single as hell.

Realizing you’re now older is beautifully scary and overwhelming. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it didn’t crush me to think about all the time I’ve wasted trying to please others or taking people like my parents and grandparents for granted. Growing up is not as cool as we thought it was when we were younger… But now it’s our turn to share our knowledge to the next and very annoying generation.

Featured image via Inga Seliverstova on Pexels


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