An Ode To My Ginger Locks For ‘Love Your Red Hair Day’

Redheads: We’re a majestic unicorn, a needle in a haystack, a rare breed the world over. Only 2% of the world population is blessed with shades of fiery orange, strawberry blonde, or deep auburn. Perhaps the only thing more red than our red hair is our fair skin when kissed by the sun.

I’ve personally never been pleased with my appearance all that much. Luckily, though, I struck gold with my Irish heritage and was born with a head full of flowing and fine ginger locks. While many women begin to get their shade from a salon or store once they hit the transformative teenage years, I never once dared to taint my precious fringe. I’ve heard it’s impossible to get my color from a bottle, and I believe it fully.

Being a redhead isn’t always fun and games. There are the constant inappropriate jokes and insulting comments that come with the territory of this unique hair color. People love to comment on our temper, create “cute” nicknames for us (like burning bush), or enjoy the jokes that come with pop culture icons like Michelle from “American Pie.” It all becomes a little overwhelming at times, and doesn’t seem to be a problem that any of my brunette friends experience.

The truth is, though, I love my red hair.

I love the way my red hair connects me to my ancestors.

When I gaze into the mirror, I hear the joyful melodies of the flute, tin whistle, and fiddle. I feel the energy of Irish step dancers in the bobs and sways of my strands of strawberry blonde upon my head. The smells of lush grass and cool air surround me as I run my fingers through my locks of red. There’s a constant reminder of my Irish roots through the roots upon my head, and I adore it.

I love the individuality that my red hair brings.

Unless it’s a family gathering, I’m usually the only redhead in the group. My ginger locks draw people in and start conversations. People see me as a rare flower, a mystical unicorn, a memorable face all because of my red hair. My head of strawberry blonde makes me truly unique.

I love the strength that comes with having red hair.

For starters, the genetic mutation that causes red hair is also linked to redheads’ ability to tolerate more pain than anyone else. The fun part is that, just in the way my flowing locks of ginger make me stand out in a crowd, they also intimidate people (thank you, stereotypes).

I love that my red hair is sexy.

My red hair is literally the best part of my physical appearance. It helps boost the rest of my flawed features and makes me more like a vivacious vixen than I’d be with another shade of hair. I may not have other goods or charm to back it all up, but at least for a moment my fiery mop entices and appeals to the eyes of potential love interests.

The reality is that, despite the one liners and “this one time at band camp,” I really do love my red hair. It’s fun, it’s magical, it makes me one of a kind. I love my red hair because of how it connects me to others but also makes me stand out. I love my red hair today and every other day. And to all my fellow redheads, I hope you forever love your beautiful locks, too.

Feature Image by Levi Guzman on Unsplash


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