The 4 Stages Of Grocery Shopping In Your 20s

Moving out from your parents’ house during college might seem like a blessing at first. No more nagging, no more arguments about silly things, and no more living on someone else’s schedule. Moving out of the family home does have its perks. But there are some aspects of living at home that many of us take for granted. When moving out we all have to take on new responsibilities. No one helps you do your laundry, no more borrowing your mom’s car, and no more home cooked meals. One of the major things we also take for granted is not being responsible for groceries. It might not look hard but there is a special art of grocery shopping that parents have perfected. They know exactly what and how much to buy of everything. The majority of us have to go through at least a couple of grocery shopping failures before this art can truly be mastered.

1. The junk food craze

Frozen pizzas, instant noodles, two gallons of pop, and chips all make the list. If you came from a strict household that did not allow junk food, you have to get this out of your systems. The first couple of trips to the grocery store will literally be for everything that your mom or dad will frown upon. Finally, there is no one to tell you that you can’t have ice cream for breakfast.

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2. Health fanatic

The junk food phase soon becomes old news as you realize that your body actually needs some non-frozen, non-processed foods. This is the time that veggies and fruits make the top of your shopping list. That amazing feeling of biting into an apple after a junk food binge is an incomparable feeling. However, this plan also has a downfall. Getting overly excited about finally cooking your own meal and over buying food is a common problem. Those expiration dates are there for a reason. So many of us have had to throw out literally half of what is in the fridge after a week because we didn’t realize how quickly everything can spoil. But don’t feel discouraged if this is the case, it happens to the best of us.
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3. Broke and hungry

Splurging on all those organic fruits and veggies might have taken a toll on your wallet. The next couple of trips to the grocery store will literally be an episode of extreme couponing. If the apples are not on sale, that means no eating apples this week, or even the next. Almost anything that has a markdown price goes in the shopping cart. Non-perishable food items that could last till the next paycheck are also a top priority. Pasta that is on sale is your new favorite kind. No more ice cream and no more cake on this shopping list.


4. The golden meal

After those failed trips to the grocery store, you finally know how much of what to buy and what’s best to stay away from. You treat yourself in different ways now. You can go another month without getting your nails done so that you can get that ice cream cake that has been staring at you for a month now. You know you are officially an adult when your priorities in life change. It seemed like you have traveled a long way, but it was all worth it. Now you will never take your parents’ hard work for granted.

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Grocery shopping is definitely fun. But everyone has to go through a trial and error period before becoming a master in it. Before moving out of the house, learn from your parents as much as possible. It’s the little things that we end up missing out on, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Featured image via Edu Carvalho on Pexels


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