11 Reasons I Hate Your Parenting, Not Your Kids

This is not a Nature vs. Nurture battle that is about to happen, so put away your debate notes. When it comes down to it, parents are a major reason why kids these days are acting like wild animals. It’s hard to walk into a store without hearing a small child screaming at the top of their lungs, while a parent is busy Snapchatting their day away as their children are treating the dairy department like a jungle gym. While I am not an expert and the only “parenting” experience I have is with my two-year old Great Dane, I can assure you parents that if you followed these easy tips I am about to give you, your child will be appreciated in this world a lot more than he or she is right now:

1. Please refrain from allowing your child to act like a wild animal. A child should not be allowed to run free like a spider monkey in a store or climb all over the shelves in Wal-Mart.

2. It is not funny when your child is screaming at the top of it’s lungs. Take he or she outside and make it stop.

3. Know the location of your child at all times. While you are in the dressing room, your child should be in your dressing room, NOT MINE.

4. Your child is your priority, not mine. I will stop it from getting hit by a car or kidnapped, but when it comes to he or she opening twenty boxes of Twinkies in the grocery store, I will Snapchat a video of your terrible child – I am not stopping that hot mess.

5. Put down your phone & take care of your tiny human being! Sorry, your child comes before Snapchat, Instagram, or Tinder.

6. Stop complaining about your child. So ungrateful. So rude. So undisciplined. THIS IS YOUR FAULT – YOU TAUGHT THEM THIS WAY OF LIVING.

7. No more excuses. You are tired? Oh you poor thing. Get a Red Bull and go take care of your kid.

8. Realize, your child isn’t the only child in the world. Take a break from your social media posts about your kid. We get it, but you are about to be unfollowed.

10. Please refrain from putting your child’s bowel movements on social media. There is a thing called TOO MUCH INFORMATION. You are unfollowed. 

11. ACT LIKE A PARENT. Discipline them. Teach them how to act like a normal human being.

I know this may seem like common sense, but 82% of the parents out there do one or more of these things and do not realize they are the issue. Your child is your responsibility and will act based on what you teach them and how well you nurture them. For all of our sakes, please handle this responsibility with some diligence and listen to us when we say, we do not hate your child, we just hate your parenting. Please be better. 

Featured image via Katie E on Pexels


  1. And some of us do hate your kids…for kicking, spitting, pinching, hitting, throwing, screaming, mowing down people and pets, lying, stealing, vandalizing…leash and muzzle or leave at home…

  2. I forgot to mention biting…discipline, parents, discipline …or stop breeding…kids are a travesty in our society today..


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