7 Reasons Adulting Is The Worst Thing You’ll Ever Do

Being an adult is a trap. My advice? Don’t do it. Don’t open your emails, don’t get a credit card, don’t even have birthdays. Make like Peter Pan and run off to Neverland to be young forever. Adulthood likes to play this game where it slaps you in the face with reality at unexpected times and let me tell you, it is NOT a fun game.

Graduating College

The party has officially ended and you now have to actually figure out what you’re going to do with your life. Is there an after party? What about an after-after party? Turns out there’s no fun after parties in real life.

Credit Card Bills

Ah, those lovely statements that come in at the end of every month. This is what we like to call the college hangover. This hangover is the worst type because it takes longer to go away and the remedy doesn’t include rest and fast food.

Car And Insurance Payments

That beater car you had during college decides it wants to die and join adulthood in kicking you while you’re down. Now you have no other option but to be practical and get a half-decent car that’ll get you where you need to go (duct tape free).

Congratulations you’ve been approved for a car loan! Now sign your life away on the dotted line. With a new car comes new car payments as well as those pesky insurance payments. AWESOME. THANKS LIFE IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!

Two-Day Hangovers

I thought this was something that only happened in the movies. Must I still suffer on Sunday for Friday’s fun? Is it because college is done? Adulthood just knows when to punish you.

Everyone Getting Married/Having Kids

It seems as though right after graduating college everyone is suddenly having kids and/or getting married. Going through your Facebook timeline is just another way adulthood likes to slap you in the face and remind you how you’re not progressing as fast as everyone else.

Rent Payments

So I have to pay to live somewhere? And it’s not cheap? Awesome. As if adulthood didn’t make you pay enough, here’s something else to add to the list. My advice would be to make it fun and find some friends to move in with. You can be like the real life Friends tv show!

Finding A “Big Kid” Job

You go to school, work hard to get your education, and then when it comes to finding a job in your field all employers look for “5 years of experience”. HOW am I supposed to have 5 years of experience for an entry-level job?

Let’s face it, being a twenty-something can be ridiculously awkward and difficult. We’re all just trying to find our way in life. As much as we would like to channel our inner Peter Pan, life happens and we need to roll with the punches. When adulthood decides it wants to smack you in the face, SMACK IT RIGHT BACK. You got this.

Featured image via Christian Diokno on Pexels


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