5 Summer Fashion Trends Not Everyone Can Pull Off

Let’s face it; fashion is weird. It’s always changing and it always look way cooler on the models than on our own bodies. From what we see during runway shows at New York Fashion Week to the trickle down items of what ends up at our chain retail stores, there are some trends not everyone is meant for and there are some trends no one should be meant for. I’m not knocking your ability to express yourself through clothing, but I am urging you to take a very long look in the mirror before wearing any of these things out in public.

1. Wide leg crops: Before you leave the house, check off these points and you’ll be safe to go about your business. Are you as tall as model and/or does most of your height come from your legs? Are you wearing heels? Are wearing a crop tops or fitted shirt tucked in? Wide leg crops are for a certain body type and if you don’t have that body type, you have to work what you’ve got by using the proper layers or accessories. I’m not tall. When I want a flowy bottom that chops my already little legs are a weird place, I have the most success with a fitted top tucked in and some chunky heels. Long necklaces are great for these looks too because they add the illusion of length to your torso.

2. Bralettes: I love how these look on small girls. I am so jealous that I can’t seem to do them right. From my experience and observations, they are great under pastel colored tops or tops made of a very light material. Anything with a wide or low neck, flowy arms, an open back, etc. to give that boho vibe is the exact top you want to put over a bralette. But it can never look like you’re trying too hard. If your boobs are bigger than an A cup and your self-conscious about your nipples in the cold, don’t let the real bra you’re wearing underneath be seen! If you’re bigger than an A cup, please just make sure you wear one that isn’t super low-cut because no one needs to see your goodies if they bounce out of that lace.

3. Mustard/rust colors: For such dark shades of yellow and red, it is weird to me that they have become so big during this summer’s collections. Typically these colors pair best with brown or tan making them darker and more trendy for the fall before everyone resorts to black and grey tones. These colors are really hard to do with light skin tones; if you are fair, or at least haven’t laid out at the beach much yet, test these colors with black skinnies or under a dark denim shirt or jacket. If you’re darker, these colors will look great against white shorts or a printed skirt. Dark shades, just as with very light shades, need to paired with their opposite or their twin.

4. Tall gladiator sandals: Two questions; how long does it take to put those beasts on? And do your calves get very sweaty? But really, what is with this trend?! I barely have the patience to lace up Converse let alone lace up a rope that goes almost to my knee. And it can’t be tied up haphazardly either; you need to make sure they are even on both legs and that the ropes meet in the middle. I have yet to see these worn successfully. Everyone looks like a wanna be Cleopatra and no matter what your top half looks like, we all stare at those shoes.

5. Linen bottoms: Whether you are wearing shorts or pants, this fabric is the hardest to pull off on your bottom half. Linen on the top isn’t so bad because of the aforementioned bralettes. But the bottom is tricky. Unless you buy black, they are see-through. On top of that, they wrinkle anytime you sit down. And because they fabric is so light and malleable, they grow almost a whole size while you’re wearing them so they look baggy and you always need to be wearing a belt. They will feel great if it’s so hot out but just know everyone will be able to see your underwear, or lack of if that’s how you roll, you will look wrinkly and baggy within 20 minutes, and you may even lose your pants altogether. Risky business I’d say.

When it comes to fashion, confidence is key. I cannot stress that enough when you all read these articles or flip through Vogue or watch E! Network. If you’re feeling yourself, rock that look! People will do a double take if they are curious about how you put that look together or they will walk on by because they have their own agenda. Trends are hard because the come and go so fast that you can’t always perfect the look for your body type. But if you play around in the dressing room or with other pieces in your closet, you can be your own fashion icon.

Featured Image Via LF Stores


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