10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Who Can Fix Things

As females, we often question what kind of man we want in our lives; who could make us the happiest? Sure, it’s easy to say that dating a lawyer, doctor, or a businessman would be at the top of most women’s lists, but they aren’t on mine. The top spot on my list is a mechanic, and lucky me, it’s already taken. ☺

I know I’m not the only female out there who knows close to nothing when it comes to my car and the inner workings of it, so dating someone who does definitely takes some of the stress off my back. He’s greasy, he’s almost always busy, and he’s obsessed with cars; but here is why you should date a mechanic anyway:

1. Your car will run smoothly for, well…ever. You’ll have access to free advice, tool kits, and hard-to-find spare parts. They’ll also most likely save you money on your car.

2. They aren’t afraid to get dirty. Oil, grease, lube just means another day at the shop for them, they won’t freak out if something gets dirty.

3. But they also know how to clean up well. Usually this means taking a long hot shower, but hey, they will never say no to you wanting to join in.

4. They are good with their hands. Their hands are the strongest part of their bodies, but when it comes to you, they’ll always have a gentle touch.

5. He will ALWAYS have a job. How many cars do you see on a daily basis? Exactly.

6. They work well under pressure. They also work well with pressure – literally.

7. They work well in tight places. Well…this speaks for itself. Take this anyway you want.

8. It takes a lot to wear them out. They are used to working long and stressful hours, so staying up for another hour or so with you is nothing.


9. They are responsible and trustworthy. You know they’ll work on your car personally and they would never put you in a dangerous situation. They also don’t have time to cheat.

10. They are persistent and insist on getting the job done right. You know you’ll always be able to trust them, just like every customer does when they’re fixing customers cars.

Your mechanic enhances the lives of others, helping them get to where they need to go and ensuring their families safety. Greased or not, you know you’ll always be in good hands. They’ll also be willing to walk you through how your car works, and they will never make you pay full price.

Oh, and that rattling noise, or that clank clunking noise coming from under your hood next to the plastic tube thing that holds a liquid (but you don’t know what exactly)…yeah, they know what you’re talking about and they will fix it. They understand you even when you’re not sure what you’re even saying yourself.

Now ladies, why aren’t you calling that hot mechanic up and asking him out for drinks?

Featured image via A. L. on Unsplash


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