The Struggles Of Not Being The Typical ‘Pretty Girl’

I’ve always been “a pretty girl,” the one that gets complimented while walking down the street and is believed to have all the boys wrapped around her finger. I have always been “a pretty girl” that is meant to be swarmed in friends, boyfriends, and love all around but that’s not essentially true.

Being a “pretty girl” but not following the requirements of being a pretty girl is awkward and uncomfortable. You see, I am a pretty girl, and I’ll admit I wouldn’t change that, but what I would change is people’s opinions and beliefs about what being a pretty girl means.

I am a pretty girl so I am believed to be a slut. I am a pretty girl so I am believed to be fake. I am a pretty girl so I am believed to be unsmart. I am a pretty girl so I am believed to be a whole lot of things that I’m not.

When I was growing up, and in the beginning years of high school, I found myself like that. I loved the idea of the “pretty girl” until I knew what it actually was. I used to date and hook up with multiple guys and sometimes more than one a night. I used to have a friend group of way too many people. I used to text multiple boys at once and was rude to everyone else I knew.

It wasn’t long until I started to realize the monster I was becoming and in all honesty, it scared me. I was scared to be someone I wasn’t, scared to be like that for the rest of my life. Scared to live like that, and so I stopped. I stopped being like that and I relieved myself from my fallen amount of dignity.

After a few years of advice and life-changing events, I am finally now a firm believer of myself. I know what I need, want, deserve, and have. I am not the average “pretty girl”. I find love to be worth millions and that you can truly only connect with those who you know, deep down, are worth the millions you have to give.

I used to be the normal “pretty girl” and, now in my eyes, I am just a girl. I am a girl who has blonde hair, is tall, fit, smart, talented, ambitious, hardworking, and is completely in love with herself and what she deserves. I am not that “ pretty girl” anymore and although I was at one point, it still doesn’t change my views on myself and nor should it. If you are feeling the same way and are unsure of what the next step is or if you are doing the right thing, it’ll come, it just takes time.

As a child, I always heard this saying and it fits perfectly within this piece and my life, so maybe it can help yours too. “Believe in yourself. It all starts with you.” Your life is in the hands of you and yourself only. You have the power to turn your life upside down and then pick yourself back up. You have the power to shine like the star you were born to be and continue to grow better with each day. You have all the power in the world to become who you truly are.

Feature image via Oz Seyrek on Unsplash


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