The Ultimate College Bucket List You Didn’t Know You Needed

The last thing you want is to finish your senior year and realize you didn’t do half of what you wanted. University isn’t just about studying your ass off – it’s also about making memories. Whatever year you’re in, start off the school year by counting down which things you need to complete (or already have) on this ultimate bucket list. I guarantee that you’ll end up with some crazy stories and lasting memories that will carry you into the real world.


  1. Have an intelligent conversation with the dean. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up giving you a killer reference letter.
  1. Kiss your school mascot. It’ll probably be the best kiss you have in all of your college years.
  1. Sign up for a fun workout class with your besties. Getting in shape and spending time with friends all rolled into one.
  1. Go to a class that you’re not in and know nothing about. You get bonus points if you actually learn something.
  1. Visit a friend at a different college campus. And show off your school pride by constantly talking about how amazing your school is.
  1. Become the president of a club. You may not ever become President of the USA, but at least you’ll be president of
  1. Ask a question during your lecture. Show off your smarts and avoid misunderstanding anything.
  1. Take advantage of office hours. These are the most valuable things to a college student, next to Mac n’ Cheese.
  1. Go on a real date. You want someone who’s going to pick you up, open doors for you, and compliment your outfit because you’re a classy woman.
  1. Show up to class in a onesie. Because plain old pajamas are so 2008.
  1. Learn how to make espresso. There’s no reason your morning coffee should have to be
  1. Become friends with your TA. It’s always good to have friends in high places.
  1. Be the last person to leave the dance floor. You probably paid an entrance fee and you’re going to get your money’s worth.
  1. Get a celebrity to retweet or favorite your tweet. This will be the year Kim Kardashian notices you.
  1. Binge watch a whole TV show in 3 days. Because you’re not really a college student unless you know the meaning of procrastination.


  1. Go to a toga party. And rock the hell out of your own toga, complete with gladiator sandals.
  1. Do research work with a professor. What better way to boost your CV then actually doing real academic work.
  1. Discover your signature drink. So you can feel like you’re a character from Sex in the City when the bartender asks for your order.
  1. Go to class drunk. Drunk, but not belligerent. There’s a difference.
  1. Invest in a good-quality blazer for all your post-University interviews. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of this piece.
  1. Give hugs out like they’re free (because they are). Somebody’s bound to be having a bad day on campus and you have the power to make it
  1. Host a fancy dinner party. Loose the paper plates and bring out your real silverware.
  1. Actually keep up with the readings. You’ll be thankful when finals come around and you actually know how to spell consequentialism.
  1. Become a founding member of a club. Making a difference in your community is going to make a big difference in your college memories.
  1. Go on a blind date. Do this just to say you have done it.
  1. Drink too much and then have a silly night in with your besties. Sometimes you make the best memories without ever leaving your
  1. Explore your city. Be a tourist without having to pay the price of an airplane ticket.
  1. Have a greasy, junk food night when you get a bad grade. You want that pizza? You order it! You want that McDonalds? You get that too! Don’t hold back.
  1. Call out someone’s bullshit. Actually tell someone when they’re acting like an ass and that you’re not a fan of it.
  1. Go on a shopping spree during finals. There’s no excuse for not looking fabulous. Plus retail therapy is a great stress-reliever.
  1. Use that student discount. Don’t be ashamed to ask for your 10% off at H&M. The more pennies you save, the more shoes you can
  1. Go to the museum or a theatre production alone. Don’t miss out on things just because people don’t appreciate Hamlet as much as you do.
  1. Try being a DJ for the night. You may suck but at least you’ll have a great conversation starter for life.
  1. Refuse to shave for a month. Whether it’s your legs or face, let the fur grow free (and save on sleeping time in the mornings).
  1. Donate Blood. Save a life, enough said.
  1. Make the Dean’s List. Set your goals high and reach
  1. Get an article or research paper published (on Unwritten… hint, hint). Because how cool does it sound to say you’re a published author?
  1. Play and win at drinking games. Assuming your of legal drinking age, of course.
  1. Go laser tagging. You’re still a child at heart in college and you deserve to express that.
  1. Apply to internships until you find one. Gaining work experience is the most valuable thing you can do aside from studying.
  1. Quote the Big Bang Theory on a regular basis. I guarantee this will make you seem 10 times
  1. Go to class without makeup on. This probably won’t be that difficult once second semester rolls around.
  1. Play an awesome prank on one of your friends. Then film their reaction and watch it go viral on YouTube.
  1. Go on a road trip. Make sure to play all your favorite throwback songs from the ‘90s and only eat gas station snacks.
  1. Party all night and still go to your 8AM lecture. Work hard, play hard.


  1. Have a different filter for every day of the week. You’ll have the coolest (or most disorganized) Instagram around.
  1. Study abroad. When else will you get the chance to actually learn Spanish in Spain?
  1. Graduate. Above all, get that degree and proudly hang it on your wall.

Go forth and make those memories that are going to last you a lifetime. Make sure you have enough stories to entertain your grandkids and write a semi-interesting autobiography with. University is said to be one of the best times of your life so get out there and test that theory.

Featured image via Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels 



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