16 Moments That Made Jim And Pam Your Relationship Goals

Jenna Fischer, best known for her role as Pam Beesly-Halpert on NBC’s The Office, recently made an interesting announcement. On her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” a fan called in and asked Jenna if she and John Kransinski (Jim Halpert) were close in real life. She responded that there’s a part of her that is Pam and a part of him that is Jim and those parts of themselves were very much in love but that because they weren’t actually Jim and Pam, they weren’t a perfect match.

Both actors are married to other people (they even got married the same year, within weeks of each other!) When each actor was called to be offered their roles as the series began, both asked if the other had been cast opposite them so it seems they’ve had a special connection since day one. Although to some, Jenna’s comment may seem like an odd or inappropriate, it’s just part of the job and life of an actor.

As much as those of us who are mega-fans of the show and the couple wish, it seems they will never be together. But that doesn’t stop us from adoring The Halperts for being every couple’s goals.

Here’s our 16 favorite Jim & Pam moments over The Office’s nine season run:

  1. Pam falling asleep on Jim.

No, they weren’t together but you could tell how happy it made Jim just to be close to her. And it’s evident that Pam really trusts him. It was the most natural thing in the world, yet so innocent.

  1. Drunk Pam at Chiles.


Not just because she kisses him. This moment we see Pam being silly, weird, and a bit reckless but the look on Jim’s face through the entire thing is pure adoration. He could not love her more.

  1. The Teapot!


This was the cutest and he didn’t even have the girl yet! My heart completely sank when she gave his gift away after all the thought he put into it. But it all worked out, as always.

  1. Jim asking Pam out, FINALLY.


I would say 9/10 moments Jim and Pam share, he’s the one being sweet without even trying. But this time, he just meant business. It’s Pam’s facial expression that spoke volumes.

  1. When Jim got Pam’s ring.


Guys, he bought it immediately once they started dating. I mean it’s totally Jim and not weird at all. Just amazing.

  1. Jim proposing to Pam.

So simple, so emotional, so perfectly Jim and Pam. The moment we waited for did not disappoint.

  1. Jim and Pam find out they’re having a baby.

Are you kidding me? Jim’s face! The shock and excitement of this moment was everything.

  1. Jim announcing the birth of his daughter.

Now many would argue that seeing them snuggled up holding their baby took the cake in this episode but I would disagree. Jim’s pride and joy announcing the birth was so perfectly done that I had to remind himself they aren’t real people who just had a child.

  1. Jim’s wedding speech.


I mean, did you see Andy’s face? The man was in tears and while Andy is generally an emotional wreck, he had good reason this time. Jim’s speech was funny and super romantic. He retold the love story we’d spent nearly 6 years watching unfold.

  1. When Pam tore her veil.

Jim pretty much wins husband of the century here. Pam is a mess because she has lost control of things that were so important to her. So Jim, evens the score and reminds her what it’s all about for him: love. And the “mental picture” Pam takes? Come on.

  1. When Jim reveals “Plan A.”


I couldn’t even. I still cry. Of course we all knew that was Plan A for him but hearing him say it; ugh, adorable overload.

  1. When Jim and Pam weren’t on the same page.


During the “interview” when Pam says their lives will be staying the same now; working at the office, living in Scranton, and raising their kids, it makes sense. Until we see Jim’s face. This moment was so raw and realistic to the point so many couples meet. Even though it ignited a long string of marital issues, we love the truth to it.

  1. Jim’s Priorities.

This was basically the foundation on which I built my search for a husband. If I couldn’t see him willing to do something so cute and reassuring, it wouldn’t work.

  1. Pam messing up the recording for Ce-Ce’s recital.

Yes, this was a moment they argued and they argued big. But it made the couple so much more relatable. They weren’t perfect, they had issues, but they were working so hard for their marriage and family.

  1. Jim makes Pam a Video.


Pam was feeling pretty overwhelmed when the documentary aired and she was ambushed by women telling her how wrong she was. Jim wastes no time in reminding her exactly what she means to him. More importantly, it solidified for us that they had made it through all the hell they’d gone through that past season (if they divorced it was seriously going to be the end of romance…looking at you creepy Brian.)

  1. Pam’s favorite flavor of yogurt.


I feel like this is the moment we knew they were in love. We knew she was engaged to someone else but there was a gut feeling right of the bat that these two were meant to be and mixed berries was it.

Jim and Pam set the standard for couples everywhere. They literally defined couples goals for nine years, even when they weren’t really a couple. As much as we wish John and Jenna could have achieved the same thing, they are happy in their own relationships. But it’s a comfort to know they hold a special place in each other’s hearts since they certainly do in the hearts of all their fans.

Featured Image via screengrab of The Office.


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