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#SquadGoals: The 7 Types Of Girls Every Friend Group Needs

In every group of friends, each person has a role to play. You may not like it, you may not agree with your “assigned” place, you may not even notice it…but it’s bound to happen. So why must we assume these positions? The answer is simple: balance.

Here are 7 members you need (and probably already have) in your wolfpack to keep things in harmony:

1. The Voice of Reason


Whenever the chance to have that “one more” shot or spend $400 on a pair of shoes comes along, it pays to have a voice of reason in your group. This person is logical, long-sighted, and doesn’t like taking too many risks. They may seem like a bit of drag sometimes, but they keep everyone else in check and we love them for it in the end.

2. The Bad Influence


Ah, the girl that the voice of reason could not exist without: the bad influence. Someone has to be able to talk an otherwise sound-minded group of ladies into going out drinking on a Tuesday. That person is the so-called “Bad Influence.” Say what you want but they are to thank for some of your most memorable (or hard-to-remember) nights.

3. The “Drunk and Ready to Yell


We all know this girl. You’re out with your girls and she cannot keep her sh*t together. She’s most likely the one who would: get in an argument at the bar, get you thrown out of the bar, get up and dance on the bar, smash a bottle on the side of a boat…you know, all that fun stuff. Even though she’s loud and proud and we know everyone else in the bar is annoyed, we love her anyway. Besides, no matter how out of control you get, she’s definitely done worse.

4. The Mom


And because we need someone to deal with the “drunk and ready to yell” friend (and drunk people taking care of even drunker people rarely ends well), we all need the mom friend. She’s the leader and the one who looks out for us all. She probably has taken care of you a time or two. Whether it’s a broken heart, the flu, or you just need to vent, the designated group mother is always there for us.

5. The Dirty-Minded One


It seems that it’s policy for at least one member of every group to have an inexplicable dirty mind. She’s just like anyone else but she seems to find everything hilariously sexual and forces everyone else to “go there.” You can count on this girl to throw out all the “that’s what she said” and add “in bed” after every other sentence you say. Yes, she’s a little immature, but you’ve got to admit, she keeps you laughing.

6. The Boy Crazy One


Always in love. Always surrounded by boy drama. Always looking out for the hottest guys and pretty blunt in her descriptions of them. This girl has her head in the clouds a bit too often but you couldn’t live without her. She’s great for pointing out the good looking guys within at least a 50ft radius at any given moment, no matter what the location or occasion. She’s great for talking you through your guy drama, since she’s almost always been there before. She’s passionate and always has the best guy stories to rely on when you’re in a rut yourself.

7. The Emotional One


We all have that one friend who cries about everything. Whether she’s happy, sad, tired, or angry, her emotions flow easily. Although it can be hard to manage if you’re not great with emotions yourself, she’s a valuable member of the group. She reminds us all that it’s okay to feel and express ourselves in a world where people are always taught to hold things in. And she’s always more than willing to be there for us when our feelings take over, too.

Girlfriend groups are such a delicate balance. You should be able to totally be yourself with your friends but it’s not surprising if you find you all fit into one of these categories. Friendships can be crazy but it’s the one place your differences are bound to be appreciated. Tag your girlfriends and comment below which friend you are!

Featured image via Helena Lopes on Pexels



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