7 Reasons To Skip Valentine’s Day Whether You’re Taken Or Not

It’s that time of year again: pink and red are everywhere you look. Every store you walk into is a bombardment of stuffed animals, heart-shaped everything, and chocolate. Valentine’s Day is upon us.

For people who have a special someone, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be fun, romantic, and exciting. It’s meant to be the one time of year a couple can show each other how much they care by showering each other with gifts and going out on a romantic date. For singles, it’s that one day of the year that you’re expected to be extra depressed as you are reminded of your loneliness.

I say, let’s cut the crap. Here are 7 reasons we should all just skip Valentine’s Day:

  1. If you want to be romantic, be romantic.


No one needs a special day to show their partner that they love them. If you want to go out on a special date, just surprise your partner and plan one. Don’t wait for a stupid “holiday” to do it.

  1. It’s too cold for this garbage.


Unless you live in some place that’s always warm, Valentine’s Day is freaking freezing. It’s in mid-February. I mean, what the hell? What woman in her right mind, wants to get dressed up in a sexy dress and go out in a blizzard because it’s tradition. Screw that noise. Plan a special yearly night in the summer, when it’s warm.

  1. 90% of the crap you’re being sold is cheap and useless.


I’m sorry, but there’s only so many stuffed bears holding a heart that says “I Love You Beary Much!” a girl can own. Valentine’s Day products are all about the obligation. No company is putting their best effort into the pointless junk they are selling to poor guys wanting to impress their girlfriends.

  1. It makes people feel bad.


If you’re in a relationship, you’ve probably already forgotten what it’s like to be single on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in the workplace or at school, it’s tough being alone. Winter is already the most depressing season of the year, so why not make it a double whammy right? No, it’s not your fault someone is single, but if you’re so “full of love” you should give a damn about the people around you. No one needs a holiday to make them care about their significant other so why bother putting others through pain?

  1. There are far better uses of our time and money.


Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on one night, why not start putting that money towards a really awesome trip together? Instead of taking the day off work to make it “the best Valentine’s ever,” save that day for when you need it. This one holiday shouldn’t be hyped up so much that people overspend and stress over it.

  1. We already have enough days to be “spoiled.”


I mean really people, we just got through Christmas! Every person in a relationship has to admit, they have Christmas, their birthday, and their anniversary to celebrate love and happiness. They get showered with presents and affection on those days. We don’t need another day just dedicated to that fact that we have someone to love. Get over yourself.

  1. Valentine’s Day was never even about this.


Why did Valentines Day become about boyfriends and girlfriends having dinner and buying pink crap? Seriously guys, have you learned about the origins? Even though it’s meaning and practices have changed over several centuries, Valentine’s day originates from a Pagan fertility festival where extremely graphic and awkward things took place, including men whipping women with animal parts to make them fertile and then “matching” women with men for the night. So, there’s that.

Since the age of 15, I’ve had more Valentine’s Days in relationships than I have single. My boyfriends have always gotten me a gift or two and treated me well on that special day. But I just wonder why they had to? I wonder why their regular caring attitude wasn’t enough or in some cases, why they felt like they had to be nicer on that one stupid day.

I’m not some bitter single person telling you what to do or making excuses for my own feelings. I am a married woman and my husband and I definitely go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day a little. I just don’t feel like we need a day to tell us how to love each other and we definitely don’t need a day that puts anyone else in an uncomfortable or upsetting position.

Featured image via Taylor Harding on Unsplash


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