10 Hot Wedding Trends You’ll Want To Follow For Your Big Day

Gone are the days of stereotypical weddings. Today, everyone tries to make their “special day” stand out, putting a unique twist on it. And why shouldn’t they? It’s their day, after all.

Not only do couples want unique weddings, but they also want unforgettable experiences for their guests. One of the many “small talk” topics for mid-to-late twenty-somethings is how many weddings they are invited to and how each of them differs.

According to a recent report, when planning their weddings, couples now prioritize comfort, personalization, and innovation over tradition. Here are 10 of the hottest trends newlyweds love – and you’re sure to fall in love with, too.

1. Hashtags/Social Media

If you haven’t heard of a wedding hashtag, you’re doing a better job of staying off social media than most of us. Creating a special hashtag for your big day is a huge wedding trend, and honestly, it’s a great idea. Hashtags let bride and groom access memories of the special day that they may have otherwise missed, and that’s pretty special.

2. Mix-N-Match Bridesmaid Dresses

This is another trend that many brides welcome into their weddings. Dress styles look different on various body types. Often, brides will pick a certain dress color and let their bridesmaids choose dresses in that color that make them feel beautiful (because why would someone not want their friends to not feel their best?)

3. DIY-ing

Pinterest created an entire DIY movement, especially for weddings. People now have access to tutorials and instructions on how to make decor and recipes on their own. With an expensive event, like a wedding, it’s nice to cut corners wherever you can, and that’s exactly what brides and grooms do when they make decor or desserts themselves. Making homemade invitations, for example, is an excellent way for couples to cut costs on their weddings.

4. Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

DiyNontraditional wedding dresses are a little more controversial than most other bridal trends. Obviously, a bride can wear whatever makes her feel her best on her wedding day, but there’s something classic and symbolic about a white gown. However, some brides throw this tradition to the wind and opt for colorful dresses. Others go even further, and opting to not wear a dress at all.

5. Cake Alternatives

This trend is not new on the wedding scene, though it has spiked in recent years. Some people now choose to serve cupcakes or other wedding cake alternatives. Others have a cake along with other sweets (the more, the merrier!). Cupcakes recently dethroned cookies as the most popular wedding cake alternative, which won’t surprise anyone who watches cupcake competition shows.

6. The Honeymoon Registry

If your wedding gifts are just going to collect dust, don’t let your guests waste their money. While some people may see simply asking for money as rude or ungrateful to, it’s honestly more considerate to guests’ wallets to choose exactly the amount that they’re comfortable gifting the happy couple.

7. Themed Weddings

Everyone has strong opinions on themed weddings. While some people thrive off of all things themed, others find themed weddings distasteful. Either way, the wedding day is about the soon-to-be-married couple.If themes float their boat, so be it.

8. Digital Invitations

Sending evites to your wedding is another sneaky way to save money (and your friends’ fridge space). While some people prefer all things digital, others find that wedding invites easily get lost in their inboxes. Digital wedding invites are a risk for sure, but their ease and savings may be worth it.

9. Sneakers

Some wedding parties now opting for comfort, choosing to rock sneakers on the big day. It makes sense: the bride, groom, and wedding party are on their feet almost the entire day. Still,  some people are willing to endure the pain of dress shoes, which is totally understandable.

10. Bridesmen and Groomsladies

It’s about time that a bride can have her best guy friend stand beside her at her wedding, or the groom can have his best female friend next to him as he says “I do.” This trend is definitely something many people are hoping will stick around and become more mainstream because you should be surrounded by your closest friends on your big day.

How much more can weddings change? The Knot has some ideas on which new wedding trends we have to look forward to i and some are even more outlandish than the ones on this list. But whether you’re a trend-follower or a rule-breaker, remember that your wedding is your day, and you should celebrate it however you’d like.

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