Guys Share Their Honest Opinions On 14 Female Fashion Trends

One of the funniest things a girl can hear is a guy’s commentary on the things she is wearing…and if it’s not comical, it’s hilariously irritating. I asked all of my guy friends anonymously what they thought of today’s current trends, and some of the responses I got were downright hysterical! Each item got a solid ‘no’ from at least one fella as well as an opinion that it would look nice or attractive on “certain girls”. So if you are one of those certain girls (who knows what that even means) that can pull of these things lucky you!! Here are the more interesting and diverse responses I got:


“I honestly think that all rompers should be just locked away forever.

“Some look good, but I say stop trying to make a onesie stylish.”

“I think rompers look good and they seem like they’re probably comfortable.”

“Rompers look like overalls without the functionality of actual overalls.”

I hate them.”

“I think the ones with long legs look kinda funny lol. Would it be weird if I wore one?

“I just like the name. The actual clothing article is weird.”


Jogger Pants

“Jogger pants are great! They’re like a pair of nice sweatpants that you can wear anywhere! They look like you actually put effort into what you wear and not just wear your pajamas everywhere.”

“Ermmmmm you just look lazy. Lazier than wearing yoga pants. Jogger pants do not, in fact, get the b*tches going.

“Only a certain type of girl can pull off joggers, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what constitutes that type of girl.”

Just, no.

“Definitely feels like a call back to MC Hammers pants.”


Ear Cuffs

“They’re alright. Simple ones look nicer.”

“I think they are too much. They are too flashy and look awkward.”

“When ear cuffs aren’t too massive they can be nice. Take it or leave it not a big deal.”

“I don’t get the point of ear cuffs. They look like they just weigh you down, and you have a robotic ear. I think they are a waste of jewelry. Less is more. I don’t want to see more metal than I have too.


Crop Tops

“Makes girls with a nice body even hotter.

“I think only a certain type of girl can pull off a crop top look.”

“They can make a girl look extra attractive. But I think they have to be worn in the right setting.”

“I never liked crop tops. I’m a man of mystery. There is a thing as showing too much skin.”

“Yes, please.”


Boyfriend Fit Jeans

“No. You look like a 45-year-old mom. On a farm. In the 80s.”

“So many different types of jeans. Jesus, why?”

“Jeans are jeans and I honestly wouldn’t notice a difference most of the time.”

“I think they look ugly. They don’t seem flexible or comfortable.”

“Nah! Put on some tight-fitting jeans. Those are ten times hotter. Boots and tight jeans are like 20 times hotter.

“Hell no. All sorts of wrong.”

Bell Bottom Jeans

“We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

“Not into it at all. We aren’t in the 60s-70s.”

“What are you trying to look like? A half-developed mermaid? You wanna wear jeans, you gotta wear some tight jeans with some boots.”

“Someone, somewhere can still pull these off.”

“Should have been left in the 1970s.”

“Bell bottom jeans remind me of a Clydesdale horse. I am personally not a fan of having a conversation with a horse and will judge anyone that wears these.”

“Attractive with the right body shape.”

Faux Fur Vests/Coats

“These should only be worn when it’s really cold outside, or else you’re trying too hard to look flashy.”

“This isn’t Iceland.”

“Sure, only in classy conditions. Not casual.”

“Russian Drug Queen?”

“When I see a fur coat I see a woman with money to blow.”

“Looks like they’re trying to be rich in the f*cking 1600s and 1700s. Oh God save the queen and tea and my fur coat. Some PETA assh*le is just going to throw paint at you. It could also look like you’re a soviet in the Cold War trying to occupy the Ukraine. I probably wouldn’t look twice.”



“Ponchos are where it is at.”

“A poncho created to not stop rain, well that’s creative.”

“Those look awesome.”

“Ponchos should be worn when it is raining and only when it is raining.”

“I’ve never seen someone wear this in public and would probably look at them funny if they did.”

“I see them as portable snuggies.”

Blanket Scarves

“You may or may not look like a refugee. Sorry not sorry.”

“Where is your pillow while you’re at it? The only plus is you can wear it as a superman cape.”

“They are good in the fall/winter that girls pull them off great!”

“No, they make people look homeless.”

“Kinda silly in my opinion”

“Might as well just wear a poncho. Looks ridiculous.”


Ugg Boots

“If your feet are comfortable I don’t really care.”

“They should be collected and burned.”

“I guess it’s the equivalent to the Timberland boots.”

“Aside from it being basic as f*ck, I’ll accept them.”

“Ugg boots are always accepted, especially when paired with yoga pants.”

“Out of style.”

“May I throw them into a fire?”


Winged Eyeliner

“I think less is more. Keep it in the lines! I think we were all taught that coloring when we were kids. Why is that rule so hard to follow?

“Looks good with nice eyes.”

“It reminds me of an Egyptian pharaoh!”

“Only certain girls that make it look good pull it off.”

“Absolutely awesome. Really makes a girls eyes stand out.”


High-waisted Pants

“I only really like high-waisted jeans, and they’re meant to show off curves.”

“Very select few people can actually look good in this. Can be hot but can also be a nay. #TaylorSwift&ArianaGrandeLookGoodInThese.”

“The pants hide lower belly fat. You’re not fooling anyone Kim Kardashian.

“Mom pants.”

“High Waisted Pants was one of those trends you saw showing up and just stood there going “No…no…God please no!” But to no avail…they became incredibly popular. They just make people look ridiculous and like they are a crossbreed of college/high school student and an old person in a nursing home.”

Grey Hair

ONLY if you have really intense eyes.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Reminds me if Cruella De Vil haha”

“Why the f*ck would you want to look old? Everyday bullshit ages you enough.”

“There is a reason people want to appear youthful, 28 with grey hair and 3 pounds of makeup don’t work.”

“All sorts of hell no.”

Hair dyeing can be insanely creative and I think this is pretty cool. Big fan.”

“Not a fan of the gray hair thing. It just looks unnatural and like you are trying to out hipster everyone else around you.”


Red Lipstick

“Love red lipstick. Really shows a girl’s lips which I think is the most attractive feature a girl has!”

“I find girls look best without any lipstick on. Plus I don’t want to be wearing it later.”


“Seductive, when done correctly, also shows that you are very well put together.”

“No. Lipstick is always a no. Thanks.”


“Depends on what the circumstance is. Going out for the night and in a nice dress. Sure. Going to the bar in jeans and t-shirt. No thanks.”

“Heavy red lipstick is just not appealing. It just looks too unnatural.”


Most guys are concerned with comfort and are all in favor of something that looks comfortable. I don’t know about you, but that just reassures me to keep wearing my Uggs and yoga pants all over campus this winter. It’s absolutely hilarious when you really ask guys what they think on girl-world topics, so ladies, ask your man friends. I bet they will be more willing to express an opinion then you would think…and of course, take that opinion with a grain of salt. Don’t let the man stop you. If you like it, go for it!

Featured Image via Brandy Melville.


  1. Guys think we dress for them but I dress for myself. It doesnt matter what guys think just wear what you want!

  2. I wish that guys shared their opinion of the half bun. I personally am not a fan of the half up bun so I’d be interested to know what guys think of them.

    • Ugh, I’m sad I missed that one, but that give me a reason to ask another round of opinions in a few months!

    • If I learned anything when writing this piece, just ask. They are more than willing to share…maybe a little too much at times.


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