A Travel Guide to Niagara Falls, Ontario


We know Niagara Falls as one of the seven wonders of Canada. We may have heard stories of acrobats walking on tightropes over the falls. If you plan to visit Niagara Falls, specifically the Canadian side, Unwritten has gotten you covered. Here are some must-see spots.

For the theme park fanatic:

Note: No Marineland because of allegations of animal abuse

Clifton Hill

There’s a place for any tourist in Clifton Hill. There’s the Nightmare Fear Factory for horror fans and the Ripley’s store for Guinness World Record fans. You can also purchase tickets for The Niagara SkyWheel and Niagara SpeedWay – two of the most popular attractions. 

Great Wolf Lodge 

I’m sure we know about this resort from our childhoods. No one can forget about a place with an indoor waterpark. Plus, there are themed suite rooms. 

Fallsview Indoor Waterpark 

If you’ve already visited Great Wolf Lodge, a good alternative is the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. This waterpark is connected to three hotels and includes a wave pool with hot springs. 

For the Sweet Tooth: 

Hershey’s Chocolate World


Are you a chocolate lover? If so, there’s a Hershey’s store just a two-minute walk away from the Falls. They sell plenty of unique flavors, desserts, and merchandise. Chocolate heaven indeed! 

Always Refreshing Soda Shop. 

Known as the “Coca-Cola store,” the shop is connected to Hershey’s Chocolate World and sells Coca-Cola merch. 

For the “small town” traveler: 

Downtown Niagara Falls

Downtown is quiet, but not boring. There’s the MMG (Music, Movies and Games) store for vinyl-record collectors. And the city has an escape room called BreakOUT. If you’re lucky, you may run into an outdoor concert.

For Shopaholics:

Canada One Outlet Mall

Want to do some shopping at name-brand stores? Head over to this plaza.

Fallsview Casino Resort 

Don’t let the name fool you – there are many shops and restaurants in the resort. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

For history lovers: 

Niagara Falls Museum 

Everyone knows that the War of 1812 occurred in Niagara Falls. This museum takes you back in time. 

Niagara Parks Power Station 

This attraction opened in 2022 and is filled with exhibits about hydropower and electricity. At night, there is a sound and light show. 

For nature enthusiasts: 

Botanical Gardens 

There are plenty of walking trails and tree collections in the gardens. And there are over 2400 roses. 

Dufferin Islands 

These grasslands are a short walk away from Table Rock Centre, the main tourist centre. If you’re a fan of trails, feel free to stroll.

Butterfly Conservatory 

There are over 2000 butterflies in the conservatory. And best of all, it’s self-guided. 

For waterfall lovers: 

Journey Behind the Falls 

You can walk close to the falls through a self-guided tour called “Journey Behind the Falls.” It’s open year-round and you can purchase tickets anytime. 

Maid of the Mist 

If you want to explore the falls and get soaked, you can go on the “Maid of the Mist.” The company has been hosting these rides since 1846

When visiting Niagara Falls, feel free to visit as many attractions as possible. Everyone’s travel itinerary looks different. However, there are a few tips to remember before you venture off: 

  1. Try to book a hotel near Clifton Hill. This is so you’re near the Falls and other attractions. 
  2. Bring your own water: They charge one dollar for a large cup of water at Starbucks. 
  3. Parking isn’t free at Niagara Falls. But there’s a Shopper’s Drug Mart plaza near Clifton Hill for those who are looking to cut expenses.
  4. Food is expensive, so meal-prep. But enjoy the food at Niagara Falls too; after all, they have the only Hard Rock Cafe and Rainforest Cafe locations in Canada. 
  5. If you’re traveling from Toronto, there is a $15 CAD weekend pass issued by GO Transit for certain trains. There is also the GO/WEGO Combo Ticket Travel Package, where you can purchase a GO Transit Ticket from Toronto to Niagara Falls and travel for free on WEGO for 24-hours in Niagara Falls.

And there you have it! So, remember to have fun, take photos, and bring a first aid kit. Bon Voyage!

Feature Image by Rikin Katyal on Unsplash


  1. Massively useful article. Been there a few days ago, thanks to your recommendations. But dunno how to share pictures with you. So next month I plan to travel again, Scotland this time.


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