4 Ways You Can Legally Wear White After Labor Day

Ever since I was a young, impressionable girl, one of my favorite shows has been TLC’s What Not to Wear. My sisters and I would gather around the tv and watch women’s lives be turned around, fashion wise (which, let’s be real, we all know affects every other aspect of our lives).

One of the many lessons that I learned from this show was the infamous no-white-after-labor day-rule. I grew up knowing this as a major taboo. I remember seeing a friend wearing white shoes to church one day during November when I was in my early teens, and being appalled at her lack of fashion sense.

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Fortunately for everyone, the fashion world is ever changing, and more open than ever to defy all “rules” and rock taboo fashion in everyday wear; including the no white after labor day rule. Almost every fashion blogger I follow (erm – worship) has posted how-to articles in the last few years regarding wearing white after labor day. And after an entire lifetime filled with fear of a fashion faux pas, I’m finally ready to embrace white during this wintery season, and I’m prepared to take all of you on this journey with me.


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This is an easy way to wear white this season. When in doubt in the winter, always rely on your two best friends: oversized sweaters and black leggings. Pair a chunky white sweater with your favorite black leggings and tall boots. You have an adorable and non-offensive rule breaking outfit. No one will question you wearing white as long as the article of clothing looks warm, comfy and meant for the Winter not Summer.

A white peacoat.

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Peacoats are one of the only reasons I like the winter. That, and boots (my boot obsession has gotten slightly out of hand). Olivia Pope is not the only woman who can pull this off. Not only does a peacoat make you look significantly more sophisticated, a white one will create the illusion that you still have your summer tan. You can pair your white peacoat with basically any outfit, granted that you keep it clean. 


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I’m talking scarves. A big white infinity scarf paired with a long sleeved shirt, sweater, leggings or jeans. You’re good to go. This is the one accessory that will go with any outfit no matter how dressed up or down you are. 

White pants.

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This is the one that really scares me. I feel like white pants are such a spring item, that I feel uncomfortable putting them on when it’s cold out. Maybe it’s from the fear of blending in with the snow, but nonetheless, white pants in the cold have always made me cringe. But I digress. Despite this fear, you CAN wear white pants in the winter. Bring other neutral colors into play to even it out. Try a light tan sweater and cognac boots with your white skinny jeans(extra points if they’re distressed). As long as you don’t try to drown out the white with a bunch of really dark colors, you’ll pull of this look seamlessly.

Ladies, it’s time for us all to defy the rules that have been placed. We’re alive at a time where we’re allowed to wear OVERALLS again (which I, personally, am psyched about), and fashion rules are constantly changing and evolving. Wear white this winter. ROCK it. You look fabulous. And everyone else will agree.

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Featured image via Raka Miftah on Pexels


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