15 Scream Queens Moments That Had Us Screaming For More

Tuesday nights brought a brand new show into our lives, Scream Queens. Along with a star studded cast, it brought us more YASS, O-M-Scream, and WTF moments than we could count.

1. Being envious of Chanel (Emma Roberts) for having the greatest closet ever.
2. Celebrity after celebrity showing up on our TV screen.




keke… and the list goes on.

3. Loving/hating Chanel’s love of fur
4. Admiring Chanel’s take no prisoners attitude
5. Questioning the dramatic blood oath scene
6. Wondering how Ariana Grande stays alive just long enough to send one last tweet
7. Not being ready for the garden beheading

8. Watching Boone (Nick Jonas) crawl into bed with Chad

9. Feeling scared when Grace found the costume in Pete’s closet
10. Seeing a shirtless Boone before he died.

11. Being just as scared as the frat boys when they found a dead Boone

12. Being totally creeped out by Dean Munsch13. Wondering how the heck the devil got into Chanel’s bedroom
14. Getting a little scared when the creepy blood writing was on the wall
15. Being totally confused when Boone wasn’t actually dead

Love it or hate it, this show is probably here to stay. So buckle up, it’s sure to be a deadly ride.

Featured Image via Scream Queens.


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