9 Unexpected Sexy Pics That Will Truly Turn Him On

At times, sending sexy pictures to your man can seem repetitive or slightly childish and scary. There are always ways you can send pictures in a way that are exciting and will spice up your relationship.

Here are 9 sexy pictures to send to your boyfriend to turn him on:

  1. Wear a thin shirt and no bra

When you wear a thin shirt and no bra, your nipples are bound to show. It’s also a bonus when it’s a tight shirt since then your nipples will show even more. Send him a snap of your chest so he can see your nipples through the material and caption it with something sexy.  

2. Wear racy/new lingerie

While in your new outfit or lingerie,  send him 5 pictures all from different angles. Since the lingerie is new, he wouldn’t have seen it before and that will get him excited and craving you even more. 

3. Take a bath tub pic

Whether it’s the dull lighting leg photo where half your skin is soaked and your goodies are covered or a bird’s eye view of you on your stomach with your ass in the air, you’ll be making his imagination go wild and his mind will start to wander. You may use these photo editing apps to make your skin smoother or do stylish color correction in several clicks.

 4. The cleavage shot

If you are a little shy or simply new to sexting, this subtle image is a great start. While wearing  a low cut shirt, bend over a bit so that your boobs look nice and vibrant. You could spice up the slightly innocent pic with a dirty caption about how horny you are. It’s a subtle tease for sure.

5. Shopping surprise

When out shopping together, go into a lingerie store and have him pick out some outfits or make him wait outside while you pick. Go into the changing room and send him pictures of you in those outfits — or completely naked. If you’re not shopping with him use this to let him know that you’re still thinking of him.

6. Backside babe

Throw on a pair of black underwear, like a thong, and wear a matching colour of heels to take the picture in. Your bum will look even better because of the heels.

7. Rock his shirt

If he leaves his shirt at your house, take a picture of yourself while wearing it with no panties on. You can also try sitting on your knees while still keeping them closed and taking a high-angled selfie. Moreover, if it’s a button up shirt, leave almost all the buttons undone.

8. Excuse yourself from the table

When you’re at his family home for dinner (or even for a holiday), sneak off to the bathroom and send him a nude selfie while you’re in there. He will definitely sneak away to come fuck you immediately.

9. Play with toys

If you buy yourself a new sex toy, or the one you and your partner wanted to try for a while, take a picture of yourself naked while holding it. However, make sure not to kill the anticipation by sending him a picture of you using it without him. Just knowing that you have it will drive him absolutely crazy and wanting more.

There are plenty of daring, subtle and cheeky photos you can take of yourself to catch your man off guard and make him crave you more. It’s about getting creative and picking the right moments. The best ones are usually the ones that they don’t see coming, so you may not need that much time to plan it out. And if you have a night alone where you’re craving and missing him, try creating a fun little photo shoot for the two of you to enjoy.

Featured image via Pexels


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