The Truth Behind Why Humor Is The Most Attractive Quality A Guy Can Have

Laughing 'til you cry, should be the only tears in your love story.

There is a reason why most guys turn into comedians on a first date. There’s also a reason why girls tend to lust after the really pretty boys, but end up dating the one that makes them laugh. That reason is the root of long, prosperous relationships.

It’s honesty.

When you find something funny, you can’t control the way you laugh or how you smile or even explain why something is humorous to you. It’s a completely genuine, involuntary reaction to a situation. What could possibly be more honest than a person caught up in a moment of unrestrained joy? That connection is powerful.

On any given dating app or site, GSOH (great sense of humor) is ranked as one of the top attributes a potential match can have. Years of dating experience has proven that women prefer the funny dudes, but now there’s actual scientific evidence to back these claims. According to a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine, women have a hardwired attraction to funny guys. There are many explanations about why making a woman laugh is important to the development of a relationship, but it all comes down to these few simple things:

1. A shared sense of humor is important to a relationship. If she’s constantly offended by your jokes and doesn’t even crack a smile when you tell her a funny story, then your relationship is a ticking time bomb. Laughing together is so important. What kind of relationship would it be if there was no sense of camaraderie? Having a shared sense of humor is like speaking the same language. It showcases a common point of interest for both of you.


2. Laughing helps her relax. When she can laugh with you, she feels safe with you. I don’t mean the first date giggles where everything you say, she fake-laughs at. I’m talking about the offhand comment that makes her do a spit-take or the joke you say over dinner that has her crying with laughter.

If she can cry-laugh and snort in your presence, but still somehow feel beautiful around you, you’re doing something right.

3. Sex is awkward, funny and awesome. If you’re constantly serious, it’s more than likely that she’ll feel less comfortable with you between the sheets. Sex is best when you can both giggle at funny noises, laugh if someone falls off the bed, and share smiles between kisses. Most romance movies make sex out to be this super serious act that’s all intense passion, dramatic thrusts and lustful sighs. It can be like that, sure, but nine times out of ten it won’t be.


4. Funny guys are vulnerable. The funniest people are usually the ones who’ve been through a lot. There’s a reason why the best comedians, when off the clock, are usually quiet or serious. They’re survivors. They pay attention to what’s around them and use their own life as fodder for their jokes.

Have you ever heard that, “The saddest people smile the brightest?”

I’m not saying that all funny guys are woebegone or depressed, but many of them developed their observational skills or self-deprecating demeanor during times when things weren’t so funny.

5. Laughter is beautiful, but also ugly. Everyone admits they have an ugly cry, but there’s ugly laughter too. When I find something really funny – and I mean, the bent in half, gasping for breath, tears pouring down your face laughter – I am not pretty. If a man tells a woman that she’s beautiful while in a fit of laughter, she’s gonna keep him. You are emotionally open when you laugh at things. It’s uncontrollable and a complete reflection of who you are. It’s extraordinary if a man can draw that part of a woman out into the open.


It’s no secret that women want a relationship in which they don’t have to be perfect, but still feel beautiful, and where they can be vulnerable with their partners, but still share joy. If you want to reach her heart, make her laugh. As Marilyn Monroe once said,

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”

That anything includes making her fall in love with you.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels


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