20 Kinky Challenges To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or on the hunt for someone to satisfy your needs, women are always trying to have a better sex life. We’ve endured too many years of selfish sex during which we barely get pleased, let alone have an orgasm. I’m a firm believer that experimenting is a great way to find out what you like as well as heightening your sexual pleasure

Here’s a list of new sex challenges to try that will enhance and spice up your sex life.

1. Have sex without kissing your partner.

Without the use of your lips, you are forced to be more creative with how to please the other person. It’s actually a lot harder than you think. So instead, you’ll have to rely on physical touch and sounds to get the other off.

2. Have sex while you both wear blindfolds. 

The gift of light and the ability to see are both something we take advantage of, so without your vision, your anticipation is heightened. It can be really fun to fumble around and truly learn your partner’s body. 

3. See how long you can kiss without having sex. 

Make out sessions are really hot and often overlooked. You can do so much with your hands and bodies before you get the clothes off, so try and enjoy it for as long as possible. 

4. See how many times you can have sex in one day without reusing any of the same positions.

It’s a lot harder than you think. Try it out!

5. Spend all day together naked while cuddling in bed. 

Plot twist: You can’t have sex until the end of the day. The first one to cave and initiate sex owes the other dinner.

6. Masturbate in bed together. 

You can do this one of two ways: Masturbate until the other finishes or until one of you caves and initiates sex. Either way, it heightens your senses when you’re not allowed to touch each other. 

7. Go to a sex store or library and open a page to a sex position book. 

Whatever page you land on is the position you have to try when you get home. 

8. Mimic porn. 

This may be a bit much for some couples, but it can be really fun if you’re looking for something new to try or want to roleplay. You’d be surprised by how freaky people can get.

9. Have sex while wearing as many pieces of clothing as possible. 

Whether it’s your heels, skirt, a pair of sexy panties, or an oversized hoodie, see how long you can wear them all. 

10. Do it to the most unsexy playlist. 

Create a playlist with songs that don’t make you think of having sex and see if you can still do it. 

11. Wake the other person up with sex without giving any warning. 

Starting your day off with a sweet surprise will always put them in a great mood… even if they aren’t a morning person. 

12. Have sex in the daylight with the curtains open.

It may sound weird, but it’s something completely different from the normal timing you probably do it. It also helps the excitement.

13. Create a new sex position. 

Whether it’s one you’ve never done before or one that looks challenging, try it out together. It will be fun and probably hit new pleasurable spots on your body.

14. Use all your sex toys in one session. 

If you’re like me and have a lot, it can be challenging to fit them all in (no pun intended), but it’s totally worth it.

15. Read your partner an erotic novel or fanfiction out loud. 

If you like what you hear, act out the scenes. But you can’t start until you’re done reading. 

16. Have sex in every room of the house you haven’t done it in yet. 

But you can’t do it all in one night and can’t switch to the next room until both of you cum.

17. Roleplay. 

You can either search through your closet and create an alter ego, or find a completely new outfit online. Once the outfit comes on, you automatically become that person. 

18. Have sex with a new sex toy. 

Before you use the sex toy, shop for it together online and really collaborate on which one you think would work best or intrigue you the most. Then once it’s delivered, you can clean it and try it out. 

19. Go out and touch each other sexually but secretly in public. 

There’s something about being sneaky that heightens the anticipation for when you come home. 

20. Have silent sex. 

While this may be a tad uncomfortable for some, it can really make you realize what you need in the bedroom. No dirty talk, no whispers, no moans, and no instructions. But you can still make it fun — pretend you’re trying not to get caught by having a sneaky shag. 

Being sexually creative isn’t that hard once you’re inspired with a few ideas. And if you make it your mission to complete one of these once a month, you’ll be doing something new for nearly two years. Who knows, you could even find something you like that could potentially become part of your regular routine.

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  1. Hi there, ultimate blog! Definitely these challenges will spice up couples sex life. I never imagined sex without kissing. I accept your challenge “Have sex without kissing your partner”. I am going to share it with my close friends so they can also enjoy their intimate moments.

    • I will agree that most of these won’t lead to great sex. And most of these are incredibly tame.

      As for the one that is just straight up rape, I assume it is the wake them up without warning suggestion. The article did a bad job on emphasizing communication and consent. If both parties involved agree that being woken up without warning is a-ok, than this can be a really fun experience.

      But communication and consent are important!


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