5 Myths About Long-Term Relationships Debunked

Being in a long-term relationship is one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me. What’s better than having your best friend also be your significant other? Long-term relationships do tend to have an unfortunate reputation, and since MythBusters hasn’t come out with an episode for this, I’ll have to do the debunking for you.

1. You get sick of each other.

After three and a half years of being with my boyfriend, we still absolutely adore each other. We love living life together, even if it means running simple errands with one another. There’s a difference between loving to do everything with that person and codependence. Spending time apart from each other is what makes coming home at the end of the day so enjoyable. We annoy each other sometimes, but we know to give each other space. Alone time is equally important as your time together.

2. You lose your sense of identity.

My boyfriend and I have taken on the title of “Michael and Allie.” While we haven’t yet been crowned with a Hollywood couple name like Bennifer (too soon?), we have been grouped into one person in the minds of our loved ones. This being the case, we also know that we are still separate people. We have a lot of the same interests, but we also have a lot of activities we like to do on our own. For instance, he loves cars and technology, while I love writing and crafting. Having a few differences that you can embrace can and will be your savior.

3. You don’t see your friends as often.

Prioritizing your time between your significant other and your friends can be exhausting, or you can learn to take advantage of it. For instance, one of my best friends is in a relationship too. Can you spell double dates? While the double dates are a blast, we don’t forget to have a girl’s night out every now and then. Remember where you came from and remain loyal to those who loved you before your guy did, too.

4. You let yourself go.

Being comfortable within your relationship is important. Testing the waters of how comfortable you can be around your S.O. is inevitable. Farting, “forgetting” to shave your legs, not doing your hair and makeup all happen. Been there, still sometimes doing it. However, if you both make it a point to dress up for each other or take into consideration what the other likes, it can save yourself some trouble in the long run. Yes, Michael, I will make sure to wear that dress you like more often.

5. Your sex life gets stale.

So many people enjoy the appeal of new people or newer relationships because the sex is new or can be invigorating. It is the assumption that the longer you’re in a relationship, the more boring the sex will be. Wrong! The longer you’re with your S.O., the more experimentation you can do. You can learn what your partner’s likes and dislikes are. The longer the relationship, the less guesswork.

While these myths have some truth to them, they aren’t 100% accurate. A relationship is what you make of it. If you put in the effort, you’ll gain so much. Yes, I know it sounds corny. My boyfriend is my best friend and the best teammate I could ask for. He’s someone who I can rely on no matter what. If that comes with a few not so flattering myths to debunk, fine by me. MythBusters, I’ll be waiting for my check in the mail.

Featured image via Maria Orlova on Pexels


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