16 Unbearably Embarrassing Moments Only College Students Face

College is full of great experiences with opportunities to grow both personally and academically. The rumors are true; you really do discover who you are in college. But you also discover who you hope to never be again. You’ll make those utterly embarrassing mistakes when you get too drunk to function, and you’ll be a little awkward sometimes. Maybe you’ll never want to show your face again, but it’s all part of the experience. And the good news is, you’re not alone. Here’s a look at 16 totally embarrassing moments we all face in college:

1. Drunk chicks crying or even worse, being the drunk girl crying.

Nobody likes a girl who doesn’t know her limits, especially the girl who ends up crying over her ex boyfriend while pathetically punching Emojis into a drunk text. The only thing worse than babysitting the drunk girl? Being the drunk girl.


2. Peeing in public.

Sometimes you just gotta go. The worst part of this is that when you’ve had a few drinks and are feeling on top of the world, this seems like a completely normal thing to do, and all your friends encourage you while they do it alongside of you. If you and your ‘pee pals’ find yourselves crouching in a bush, remember that just because the boys do it doesn’t mean you should, too. Nothing is worse than a poison ivy itch on your ass.


3. Dancing on the bar, then consequently falling off the bar.

I know how liberating it feels to be in a tight little dress dancing on the bar at the hottest club in town. You feel sexy, free, and confident, but it’s not so sexy or confident any more when you trip over the 4 inch heels you’re wearing and fall off the bar, knocking over some guy’s rum and coke. Yikes, not cute.


4. Spilling a beer on your crotch.

If you say this hasn’t ever happened to you, you’re probably lying. We all spill, and we all escape to the washroom frantically trying to figure out how to work the host’s blow-dryer in order to save ourselves the embarrassing explanation of “Oh no, I didn’t pee myself. I just spilled, I promise!”


5. Screenshotting a text then sending it back to that person

I’ve done it, it sucked and I pretty much exploded from how red my face went afterward. I felt so good after a little clarifying conversation with my one night stand about how “let’s not tell anyone about this.” Then, I screenshotted it, sent it to what I thought was my best friend…only to realize I sent it back to him. Caught in the act of a hypocritical statement was not the most fun thing I’ve had to explain.


6. Not remembering the people you met during orientation week, and running into them EVERYWHERE.

There’s always that girl who stops you in the quad and asks you how life’s been. You play along to be polite, but in reality, you have no idea where the heck you met this person. They say you met at the frosh week football game, but you were way to drunk to even remember attending any football games. Sorry to tell you this, but the awkward wave never gets easier.

tumblr_n5rocxH0Mv1tswmuko1_r2_4007. Your phone or laptop sound goes off in the middle of lecture.

DING. Oh great, now the whole class is staring at me. I better look around at the people next to me, act casual, and pretend it was someone else.


8. Getting your fake ID rejected in front of people who don’t know you’re underage.

Ugh, this one is the worst. You just wanted to seem cool in front of all your new upperclassmen friends, and you just didn’t have the heart to tell them you’re not old enough to go to the bar yet. Mortifying.


9. Opening snaps in public with full volume.

Your first mistake was keeping your phone at full blast, ever. Your second mistake was opening that snap your friend sent you making screaming noises at her dog. Snapchat is a land full of crazy people, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the public to see that side of my friends and me.


10. Don’t worry people are coming pre-party tension.

You’ve decided to host the party at your place tonight. But only 3 people show up. So you awkwardly play some dance tunes hoping to liven the crowd. Your palms are getting the nervous-sweats, and you awkwardly reassure your guests “oh don’t worry, people are on their way.” (But are they really?)


11. Running into a Tinder match that you haven’t met yet.

Maybe you downloaded the app “just for jokes” or maybe that’s just the excuse you tell everyone when in reality, you’re up at 2am swiping left and right searching for your prince charming. To each their own, but no matter what your story, you’re bound to run into one of these more-attractive-in-his-photos Tinder matches, and it will be hilariously tense.


12. Losing underwear on the way to your dorm’s laundry room.

I do not miss having the greasy guy from 241A knock on my door to return the lacy pink panties that had slipped out of my laundry basket on the staircase. I’m sure he didn’t mind at all, but I sure did.

tumblr_npe0khosXf1sotwrfo1_500 (1)

13. Having to postpone a hookup cause you didn’t shave your legs

Why is it that the hottest, most spontaneous hookups have to be on days when you’re feeling too lazy to shave your legs? Nothing sounds less romantic than rubbing your prickly calves up against an unsuspecting guy.


14. Accidentally liking pictures while creeping people on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Yep, it happens all the time. Seems like it happens to the most when I’m stalking my boyfriend’s ex. A-w-k-w-a-r-d.


15. The declined debit card.

You’re broke, we all are. Shout out to all the strangers who have lent me a dollar to pay for my morning coffee.


16. Waking up and not remembering who is next to you.

The gymnastics routine you do while slowly and quietly trying to escape from the bed without waking him. We all know it.


All of these moments we go through make us better people in the end, right? Without these stories and adventures, what would we laugh about with our girlfriends over weekly text rants? You may be feeling completely paralyzed with self-hatred for a few minutes afterward, and it might take a whole bottle of foundation to keep your face from going red again, but these things happen to everyone.

What happens in college, stays in college.

Featured Image via Pexels.


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