The Meaning Behind 10 Confusing Emojis

The Emoji keyboard is quickly becoming the most universal language over texting. Even our parents use emojis – (incorrect at times, but hilarious nonetheless). We’ve all been that girl who had over-analyzed the meaning of an emoji sent from the boy we like or even our best friends. This article provides a quick decoding of some of the most popular and most strange emojis.

1. Tired, Sad, Crying Face

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.16.56 PM

Is he sad? Crying? Sleepy? Sighing? Sweating? Honestly, what is it? No one really knows. Apparently it’s a snot bubble, which indicates being sleepy in Japanese cartoons. Reality check…no one is going to use that emoji for sleep when there is one with Zzzz. Best bet is to use this as wiping off the sweat or shedding a single tear.

2. Smiling Devil Face


A devil face coupled with a smile is definitely reserved for when you’re up to no good, and you want everyone to know it. You’re probably texting your friends plotting a hypothetical revenge on the girl that made out with your ex hook up last week.

3. Flames


In what situation do you use a flame emoji other than to say that something is on fire? To say that someone’s looks extremely attractive, obviously. Flames are used to comment on your friend’s Instagram selfie to let her know she looks damn good. It might also be used in a conversation about s’mores, but more likely than not it’s a compliment for someone that looks ‘fire’ or extremely hot.

4. Praying Hands


Do these hands belong to the same person or is this an epic high-five highlighted with golden rays? Some use this emoji as a prayer praising a miraculous exam grade, or the even more satisfying arrival of pizza on a Saturday night. Others use it to celebrate as a high-five, but its true meaning remains a mystery.

5. Dancing Girls


Are they twin ballerinas? Playboy bunnies? Matching friends? Most girls use this emoji as a cute way to encapsulate their friendship in a comment on Instagram, but according to Buzzfeed these girls are a knock-off version of playboy bunnies.

6. Moon Emoji


What is he looking up at? Why does this moon have a face? Why is he so undeniably creepy? This moon could honestly mean anything you want it to. No one’s knows it’s purpose or why it’s included, but it can be randomly used to add a weird vibe to any text message. Maybe try using it to portray a black hole aka your stomach when you can’t stop drunk eating.

7. Poop Emoji


The smiling poop emoji is another strange one because why is your shit smiling? However, it may be one of the most overused emojis. This is used when informing your friends about your charming bathroom break, but also when you have no words to say and just want to be funny.

8. Hands Over Head Emoji


Is she airing out her pits? Is she massaging her head? According to Buzzfeed, this is meant to mean “Ok,” but I just don’t see it. To me, this emoji signifies sitting down confidently and relaxing by putting your hands over your head. To others, it means being really excited about something like Chick-fil-A.

9. Skull Emoji


The skull emoji means death (obviously). More specifically, it’s used after a night out to rate the severity of your hangover. One skull means that you really need brunch and a mimosa, five skulls means you’re going to be bed ridden all day and any mention of food or movement is nauseating. This can also be used with the smiling devil emoji when plotting or gossiping with friends.

10. Stressed Out Boy Emoji


Buzzfeed thinks this emoji is actually a person bowing. In the Western world, this emoji is used when you’re taking a test and look up in desperation as you realize you know nothing and desperately need help. It’s symbolic of stress and anxiety.

The amount of emojis that need explanations are endless but at least they let us use our imagination to create our own meanings. Why are there only 10 flag options? Why are there 11 train emojis? Why is the red shirt guy leaning back so weirdly while he walks? Why is that guy in the blue shirt dating both a guy and girl? So many questions. The only thing certain is that the emoji trend is here to stay, so brush up on these decodings, but feel free to keep doing you if you’ve created your own usages for these.

Featured Image from Tumblr


  1. Thanks for telling me what some of the emojis mean, oh and by the way the mean emoji is called Molester moon legend has it if you send someone 3 seperate texts of this They would get a message from Molester moon.

  2. “Stressed out Boy” emoji is more like a person who shows you the highest respect (as a obeisance in Asian culture) or a plea for help. Anyway, gives such an explanation. I wonder why BuzzFeed regards this as a demonstration of stress and anxiety?

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