Please Shut Up: 5 Reasons No One Wants To Hear ‘You Look Tired’

The last thing someone wants to hear when they are tired or sick is that “they look like shit”. There is also nothing easier than getting told “you look tired” to ruin a great day, especially when you’re feeling good about yourself. I don’t know how it has become a norm to tell people that they look tired with ease but it needs to stop. You would probably hate it if someone told you that you look like crap so why is it so easy for you to tell others so? Along with it being simply rude, here are the top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t tell someone they look tired:

  1. They Actually Are Tired
    If someone is sick or tired, the last thing they want to hear is that they look it. If you’ve ever felt worn down or sick yourself, you know how it feels. They’re already struggling to get through the day without hearing that they look how they feel. Instead of saying “you look it” when they say they’re sick, how about saying “that sucks, you look good though!”
  1. You’re Probably Not Telling Them This Because You Care
    Most of the times when someone has told me that I look like shit, I know it’s because they are doing it to boost their own ego and reassure themselves that they look good. If you think about it, that’s pretty pitiful. If you really care about someone’s well being, ask if they’re doing okay but don’t go ahead and comment that they look terrible.
  1. They May Not Even Be Sick Or Tired
    Let’s say you were feeling yourself today, you just feel like you look bomb AF. Along comes someone and they say “wow, are you feeling okay? You look sick”. Way to ruin my good mood, stop assuming and if you have no compliments, don’t say anything at all. Unless something is stuck to my shoe, don’t make me live in embarrassment.
  1. They Already Feel Self-Conscious And You’re Not Helping
    There are days where you feel like the whole world is out to get you and you just need to survive the day before bed. Somehow, these are the days when everyone decides that they’re against you and wants to also bring you down on top of adding stress to your life. Don’t be that additional factor that stresses someone out even more than necessary.
  1. No Make Up Does Not Mean They Are Tired
    There have been countless times where I’ve been having a good day and people will tell me that I look tired. Not only does it ruin my good more but they add-on to the injury by saying that “it looks like I have no life to me”. However, when I wear makeup – I’m apparently a different person that people can say “oh, you actually look cute today”. While I’m thankful for the compliment, I am simply someone who does not wear make up on a daily basis but not wearing make up is not equivalent to being tired.

It’s really a simple concept – if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. In my experience, women are told that they look tired or are called out for not looking their best way more often than men do. Letting someone know they look like shit not as a means of helping but to inform them shouldn’t be okay or an accepted norm. The truth is – even supermodels will have days when they feel like absolute crap and look like it, too. How others perceive us affects how we perceive ourselves and if we are told that our outer beauty suggests that we look tired or sick, it will affect our inner self-esteem.

Featured Image via screen grab from Gossip Girl.


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