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Why You Need To Know About The 600+ Children Missing At The Border

NPR previously reported that 545 children who were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border are currently missing. However, this crisis is even more urgent now – the number of missing children has increased to 666. This situation is heartbreaking and beyond incomprehensible. 

I’m not surprised that immigrant children would go missing during the current presidency because of Trump’s immigration stance. His policies force immigrant children to live in unthinkable conditions. He also made xenophobic comments about immigrants. But while it isn’t shocking that our president is part of this crisis, we still need to take action now.  

This situation started with a pilot program that began in El Paso, Texas and expanded to other parts of the US-Mexico border. Family separation began two months into Trump’s time in office. And ever since, it tore families apart, traumatized children, and caused some children to disappear.

We need to find the children’s parents, and then we need to make a change because this situation is sickening. 

If you’re still not sure why this matters, imagine that you’re a young child whose parents chose to cross the border. Suddenly, your family is detained, and you’re separated from the only family you have. You’re in a completely unfamiliar place, authorities treat you horribly, and no one seems to care about you, finding your parents, or bringing you into better living conditions.

It’s even more terrifying now that you imagine it, right?  

The fact that there are currently 666 kids whose parents and guardians we can’t locate is a gross, inhumane injustice. No matter your political party, it’s time to spread the word about this immigration crisis so that our leaders can send help for these children and reunite them with their families.

Why are we OK with this crisis happening in America?

Would we care more if the children and parents were white? It’s time to stop sitting back and doing nothing to help the hundreds of immigrant children whose parents have gone missing at the border. If we care about our own kids, we should help these children, too. But until we do, we’re living in a country full of racism and hatred. As Americans, we can no longer ignore this information and treat it like it doesn’t matter. This isn’t the America we want to live in, and we can do so much better than letting these children go without their basic needs – I know we can.

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash


  1. spread awareness of this issue keep the conversation going however you want to share this article look into what you can do to help this issue my job as a writer is to spread awareness to issues not talked about enough I don’t have all the answers but if we all do our part to make issues like this known we may start getting answers to important issues like this

  2. I have a question… first this article states that 666 children are missing. Then it states that the parents of 666 children haven’t been found. So which one is it? Are the children missing or are their parents?


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