How To Make His Jaw Drop On A Budget

A first date is both exciting and nerve-wracking in equal measure. No matter how many hours you have spent chatting casually, texting, or on the telephone, you can’t tell whether the chemistry is going to be there until you lay eyes on the person in real life. Often, what seems promised to be a glorious romance dies a death in the cold light of day. The person who was so witty and funny on the phone is socially awkward and completely lacking in sex appeal in real life. It’s disappointing, but then life is like that at times.

Part of the problem of why people can be so awkward on a first date is because we place a huge amount of expectation on it. It is tempting to go all-out, spending hours doing our hair and makeup, buying a new date outfit complete with shoes and accessories, and generally making a big effort. Back in the day, magazines like Just Seventeen (hands up if you remember this one), regularly ran features on “first date makeovers”. It wasn’t unusual for the model to take 10 hours or more beautifying herself before she hopped on the back of a sexy guy’s motorbike.

But first date preparations do not need to be so long winded or expensive. In fact, given there is a high probability you won’t find a spark with the person, there are a lot of reasons why it is usually worth making less effort! However, since you can’t show up in a scruffy pair of jeans and a dirty t-shirt, here are some tips to help you prepare inexpensively.

DIY Skincare

Instead of investing in expensive skincare products to ensure your complexion is glowing and fresh, have some fun making a DIY face mask. Mix up natural yogurt, cucumber, and oats, and then add a couple of drops of tea tree oil for its natural healing properties. Plaster this all over your face and leave for 20 minutes. Your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated. You could also eat the face mask, but don’t try this after the tea tree oil has gone in.

Cheap Makeup

Cosmetics are expensive, so if you fancy investing in a new lipstick or mascara prior to your hot date, look online for voucher deals. Groupon, Retail Me Not, Wilko deals and similar sites can have coupons for new cosmetics. Buy a few key items and practice your look with the help of some YouTube tutorials. It’s a lot cheaper than visiting a salon for a makeover. If you can afford the tiny splurge, I recommend having your eyebrows threaded, as untidy brows ruin a good look.

Clothing Bargains

Don’t go overboard for a first date. Instead, accessorize a regular outfit, as it will be cheaper. Wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans with some sexy shoes, add a pretty top picked up in the sales, and accessorize with jewelry. You’ll look hot and your date will be impressed.

If your date turns into a horrorfest, don’t despair. Just go back on your dating app and find date number two.

Featured image via Andrea Yurko on Pexels


  1. Make up your mind! Last article said instant gratification was ruining your generation and this one says if your first date you spent 10 hours getting ready for doesn’t pan out, just set something up with the next guy from the dating app. Looks like they don’t teach you millennials how to read properly either


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