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hey everyone so my name is Larissa I am a non-fiction inspirational writer my goal with my writing is not to have people like my writing but to see things from another viewpoint other than their own and if I can do that for at least one person than I have done what I set out to do has a writer

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Picking Your Bridesmaids

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Are we over sensitive as a society these days?...

How To Tell If Your Friend Is Actually Busy Or They’re Avoiding You

“Is your friend really busy or just trying...

Why You Need To Start Unfriending People On Facebook

When Facebook became widely popular, people started to perceive...

Why Supportive Friendships Are Crucial For Your Health And Happiness

We all have experienced deep friendships. But why...

What You Need To Know About Over-The-Top Food Trends

The latest food trends always interest me because I'm...

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