National Cousins Day: 5 Socially Distant Ways You Can Celebrate

Every July 24, we celebrate National Cousins Day and reconnect with those beautiful family members we call “cousins.” Although it’s unclear who started National Cousins Day, it’s still important, especially right now.

Although they aren’t as biologically close as siblings, cousins still mean a lot to us. And for people like me, who grew up without siblings, cousins are extra special. They are the people you can both confide in and have a great time with. Your cousins will look out for you, too, and they’ll be your lifelong best friends. This is what makes having cousins so amazing!

So how do we celebrate National Cousins Day when we can’t actually see our cousins in person? Thankfully, it’s pretty simple! Here are a few ways to show your cousins just how much they mean to you:

1. Send a message or email. 

Since it’s hard to see your cousins during quarantine, sending a simple message or email is the perfect way to tell them how much you love them. You can even look up some heartfelt quotes or poems about having a cousin to express exactly how you feel about your own cousins.

2. Set up a virtual family reunion. 

Getting together with your cousins via Zoom or another video-chatting platform is a great way to connect with them if they live far away. You can play trivia games together, share photos or videos, or simply talk face-to-face.

3. Send a card or letter. 

There’s nothing like receiving letters in the mail. Sending mail can show your cousin that you took some extra time to make them feel special. You can find some sweet cards for every type of cousin at Hallmark. Or if you love to DIY, you can make your own personalized cards for your favorite cousins.

4. Create a memory book.

If you were close to your cousins when you were younger but have grown apart in adulthood, consider making your cousin a scrapbook of childhood memories. Include pictures from your favorite family gatherings or write in funny memories you shared with your cousins.

5. Watch a TV show or movie about cousin relationships. 

TheFresh Prince of Bel-Air is one of the most popular and funny shows about cousin relationships. If you prefer movies, check out Christmas Vacation, Hoodlum, or Godfather III

Cousins are a special part of our lives. Regardless of whether your cousins live nearby or far away, take some time today to celebrate them and let them know how much you love them!

Featured Photo by alexandra lammerink on Unsplash.


  1. Hi Gina Matarazzo thanks for writing this amazing article and expressing your personal views via readunwritten, having cousins is just like having good friends for lifetime. this year on National Cousin’s Day we all know celebration could not be so special due to current pandemic situation. we must be thankful to the digital and technology through which we could atleast connect with each other on this special day. thanks for sharing your tips those can be the best ways to show our gestures towards our cousins and i guess we all have done that by making good use of the technology.


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