I Took A Leadership Class & Learned The Secret Of How To Stay Motivated

I attended a leadership conference a couple years ago and attended a session led by Jonathan Fanning. He shared a story about a bridge construction site that he observed for 2 years. The workers spent those 2 years driving pillar after pillar into the ground so the structure could later support a bridge.

The pillar story had an important lesson: When we have a goal, we should find a motivator and work on it every day. That motivator is our “pillar,” and Fanning says that we should commit to working on our “pillar” regularly.

Whether you’re already working on a “pillar” or haven’t yet chosen one, here are five ways to commit to that special motivator: 

1. Live for the small things.

Commit to letting the small actions that don’t take much effort change the game for others. Tell people that they matter and let them know how much you appreciate them. It’s such a simple thing to do, but sharing compliments can brighten up others’ lives and your own. If your “pillar” involves spreading kindness, let your actions set you apart.

2. Find your clarity and focus. 

All you need is a little clarity, focus, and simplicity to work towards your “pillar.” Setting small goals can help you focus in on your larger goals, and meditating, praying, or soul-searching can help give you the clarity to keep working on your “pillar” or choose a new one.

3. Help others, but get to know yourself first. 

Once you use your “pillar” to make a difference in your own life, then you can help others find and work towards their goals. If you’re still working on yourself, find activities that flood you with positive energy. Then, let that energy help others find their direction.

4. Learn to happen to the world instead of letting the world happen to you.

Do you let life happen to you or for you? The attitude you have towards life can affect how you work on your “pillar.” When you let life happen for you and not to you, you’re more likely to commit to working towards your goals. After all, the situation and your response together produce the outcome of your work!

5. Do something every week that you don’t think that you can do. 

When you try things you think that you can’t do, you progressively improve at them and work towards your goals. Imagine how much you could achieve towards your “pillar” if you have that bold mindset!T

Once you pick your “pillar,” let these pieces of advice help you work towards your goals. They may seem impossible now, but with hard work and determination, your goals will be within your reach!

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