Why You’re Not In A Relationship, Based On Your Hogwarts House

Looking for love is complicated at best. It’s even harder when people constantly ask why you’re not in a relationship even when you have no idea why. If you know your Hogwarts house, though, the explanation lies ahead… along with the spell to right these wrongs!


Due to their popularity and charisma, most people believe that Gryffindors have no trouble finding potential love interests. You win over coworkers and friends with ease, and your thirst for doing what’s right no matter the cost often makes you appear chivalrous and charming.

However, your arrogance and self-righteousness often turn people off once you become intimate. Significant others struggle relating to you and often feel insignificant because you hold everyone to such high standards. What’s more, people view your reckless behaviors and fiery emotions as wild and unruly. 

Learn to channel your passion and competitive spirit into more genuinely selfless actions. This, in turn, will make you attract others effortlessly, and you’ll land yourself in a beautiful relationship filled with steamy romance in no time.


Your slow and steady approach to everything keeps life calm, which makes you an ideal partner to counteract someone who takes life by the horns. Furthermore, your modest and friendly personality should make you the ideal lover, right? 

The trouble is that you’re just kind of plain and simple. Thanks to sappy rom-coms, most people aren’t looking for a vanilla relationship. You almost seem too humble and too complacent. And you lack any exotic qualities that may attract someone looking for something different. Many miss your amazing qualities because you work so hard not to brag about yourself.

Improve your dating profile and assert yourself! Once you catch someone’s attention, they will certainly fall for your down-to-earth nature and stick around.


Oh, Ravenclaw, your intelligence and creativity should win over even the hardest of hearts. You’ve also got looks and an independent attitude to boot!

However, you’re highly judgmental of others, especially regarding their success (or lack thereof). You think all potential partners should match your intelligence, which makes many feel like they must live up to impossible standards to stay with you. If that’s not enough, your individualistic nature often causes you to rely too much on yourself and not enough on your partner. You’re scared to let someone take over, and you enjoy the freedoms that come with being single.

Push past your fear of intimacy and try allowing a date to do even small things like holding the door open for you. Making these small changes just might be the magic potion your love life is missing!


One would think that as cunning and resourceful as you are, dear Slytherin, you’d find love anywhere. You’re well-connected, ambitious, and ready to adapt in any relationship.

Unfortunately, you crave power and often immerse yourself into work and social affairs that you believe will move you up the ladder. In doing this, you end up neglecting potential partners. Sometimes you also appear aloof and almost brooding, which can turn off more bubbly, affectionate lovers.

Instead, work on using your ambitious and adaptive nature to impress a potential love interest. This just might set sail towards a lifetime of love.

So, dear witches and wizards! It looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you if love is in your stars. There are no shortcuts on this one: you’ll have to do the work without magical intervention.

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