Why Being Called ‘A Wanderer’ Is A Total Compliment

The other day I was referred to as a wanderer and it took me by surprise. Essentially I was confused about what part of me could be listed under wandering but turns out it’s my sense of travel. It is my thoughts of “everything happens for a reason” and that “life doesn’t have to be painful”. I guess to other people that can be known as wandering.

This person stated that I was never going to settle; that I’ll never be happy in just one place, But they said it in a bad way, as it was to offend me. I’m sorry to tell you it doesn’t. I don’t want to settle  – you’re right. I don’t want to stay in one place forever, I don’t want a family – which is more than okay, but we can get into that another time- and I am more than happy with that. While some people believe that is me running away, or wandering, I like to believe that is me living life.

I like to believe that traveling is what life on earth is about. I believe this planet was created for more than just its resources. Okay, that may be drastic but I believe it’s made for everyone to find themselves, to find out what they like and to see the world for what it really is, instead of viewing it on a tv screen. So if that’s wandering, that’s okay with me.

Now that we are all on the same page about me becoming a wanderer, let’s look at the negatives and positives to the situation.


1. Seeing the world in its entirety
Total plus, I don’t see why this can be considered bad in any way at all. It’s here for us to see so why not.

2. Learning about myself
Aren’t we supposed to grow up and truly find ourselves? Isn’t that life? People can do that in many different ways but for me, it’s traveling and I think that’s okay too.

3. Having memories and stories to tell
This is just an amazing thing to have. The best part is meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while to hear about each other’s memories. Nothing gets better than that!

4. Learning how to be independent, wild, and free
Learn how to let go, how to do things on your own and essentially be free. Live young, wild and free. Wiz Khalifa knows exactly what I’m talking about – okay bad joke.


1. Not being able to please others.
Jealousy is a big issue but once we learn to not let that bother us then we can realize this con really isn’t a con. We will then continue to do what we do best… be ourselves!

Learn to enjoy life. We don’t have much time here and no one knows when the last moment will be so why waste another minute. Why care about what other people think. Why not worry about you and you only – I’m pretty sure you all deserve it!

Feature image via Alyssa Teboda on Unsplash


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