4 Thoughtful Gifts To Send To Your Long Distance Partner


Long distance relationships are challenging to sustain. You must make sure your relationship remains functional and free of toxicity.

An excellent way to keep the spark alive is gifting. Everyone gives gifts to others once in a while, but gift giving in a long distance relationship takes more thought, time and effort. If you’re stuck on what to give your partner in a long distance relationship, here are four thoughtful ideas for a gift that is small enough to fit in a mailbox.

1. Small Care Packages

Care packages scream thoughtfulness and attention. These are gifts that tend to your partner’s immediate needs. For example, suppose your partner is an artist and has complaints about supplies running out. In that case, you should fill the care package with new paint brushes, small packets of paint, and other tools. 

Someone who loves watching movies and series would highly appreciate you sending a box of copies of their favorite movies. You can also include other things in the box to spice up the gift, such as chocolate, candy, popcorn, and other sweet and tasty snacks. You can even send them a vape pen in a cute box according to their interest.

This gift requires a lot of attention, so make sure you understand what your partner wants at that moment.

2. Stress-Relieving Products

Stress is inevitable. Occasionally, your partner will want to relax and unwind. They will be very grateful and impressed if you try to show them care and support from a distance. Thus, you can mail them stress-relieving products like herbal teas.

Additionally, Cannabidiol (CBD) products can help relieve stress and improve sleep due to the relaxing properties in them. You can also use CBD products as an excellent natural alternative to painkillers. Having you and your partner use these CBD products will provide you with positive health benefits, which keep the spark alive.

3. Gadgets

Using top-notch gadgets is a crucial key in keeping a long distance relationship successful. These quality gadgets help the lovebirds stay in touch obstacle-free. Gifting a new phone, tablet or camera can help you stay in touch with up-to-date technology that won’t lag.

When you want to get any of these gadgets, make sure they are of high quality. Buying something of mid-low quality may not be a handy gift to give your partner.

4. Nostalgic Photos Or Collages

Remember that camping trip you went on with your partner a while ago, and how good you both feel talking about it? Like the camping trip, nostalgic experiences can be quite beautiful things to remember. One way of expressing your love is to send your loved ones a picture of that day you both can’t seem to forget.

If you want to personalize this gift, you can also make these photos into a collage and send them. This action will show your partner how thoughtful you were and how much effort it took to give this to them.

These ideas mentioned above will help to give you some direction on gifts you can give your partner. Remember, everyone is different, so these are not one-size-fits-all gifts. You will need to fine-tune your gift to match your partner’s taste. Additionally, when you’re out purchasing things for your fantastic gift ideas, make sure you buy small sizes so they can be able to fit in the mailbox. Loving from a distance can be quite beautiful if you’re both intentional about your feelings. Although gifting your loved one from a distance may be a bit challenging at first, it gets more comfortable with time.

Featured Image by Kim Stiver from Pexels


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