Why You’re Afraid Of The Unknown & How To Overcome The Fear

It’s common to be afraid of various things. Everyone does so. Fear is a completely natural emotion. Nevertheless, fear can be unique to individuals. Though fear is a part of our life, sometimes, it results in negativity. Fear of the unknown or fear without any serious reason can ruin our personality, career, and so on. Undoubtedly, fear of the unknown has to be overcome. Below is a list of reasons behind the fear of the unknown and some strategies to beat it. Let’s explore!

Why are we afraid of the unknown?

Let’s start with an example. When electric cigarettes were introduced for the first time, the fear of the unknown worked among smokers as well. Their mind asked, Why do we need to inhale e-liquid rather than simply smoking? They feared a new idea and didn’t welcome the invention overnight. But what exactly causes the fear of the unknown?

1. Uncertainty

As a society, we don’t like things that seem uncertain to us. This is why when we face something uncertain and don’t know what is going to happen, we become afraid. It’s natural. 

2. Failure

Failure can be good while we are trying to achieve something. It’s even often referred to as the key to success. But, most of us don’t like to fail. We don’t want to be branded with failure. Besides, we want to avoid failure due to our egos suffering.

3. Control

When changes happen, we become afraid for two reasons. Either we will lose control or, from that point forward, we will start being controlled. Losing control is a big reason for being scared of the unknown because we are wired to dominate, not being dominated.

How to overcome the fear of the unknown?

Gradually, fear ruins our confidence and productivity, ending up harmful to our personal and professional life. As a result, it has to be managed. Check out the following strategies to overcome fear step by step.

1. Think about your fear.

Fear is a natural emotion. So understand that fear is a part of your life that you cannot escape. You have to deal with it and manage it smartly. Remember that most of the fear is transient and you can beat it.

2. Discover the reason behind the fear.

If it’s a problem in your personal life, handle it like other issues. Discover the things, beliefs, or anything else that make you afraid. In that case, you will face two different scenarios. If you find out that you’re afraid of something avoidable, simply avoid it. On the other hand, if your fear is something that is an integral part of life, then accept that you can’t change it. There is no need to fear reality.

3. Focus on your opportunities.

Are you afraid because your boss has assigned you a new project? If so, you might be afraid to fail. But why don’t you count it as an opportunity? The new project might include a promotion, bonus, and so much more. New opportunities are hidden behind every fear. Take them as a challenge and achieve success instead of fearing them.

4. Remember that failure is good!

People who accept failure are quite smart. If you don’t believe it, look at the biography of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC. His famous recipe was rejected about 1009 times! Did you even try that much? We know that failure is frustrating. But if you keep trying, you will achieve success eventually.

From now on, try following the suggestions above and you no longer will be afraid of the unknown. Fear can prevent you from living your life to the fullest though, so if you truly struggle with crippling fear, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Featured image via Nina Uhlíková on Unsplash


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