When You Realize That You’ve Always Been His Option

The past controls you like you are in a game.

You are the main character, and all you have to do is to keep following the steps. You lose and win; feeling like a failure, then feeling like a triumph. But, like with any other game, you know what to you must do to win this fight. In the game of love, you need to choose yourself over anyone or anything else, refusing to let yourself become his option.

The truth is, love is not just a game, but also a battle you need to conquer. Love should be equal; sincere, no longer full of discomfort and doubts. Your joyful emotions should not have a limit, disappearing when love is no longer available. Love should never leave someone else’s being out of fear or denial. Love is not just a temporary emotion that you can erase in an instant.

Right now, learn to give your love to the right people.

Never waste any time dealing with wounds that you can cure simply by letting go. Do not settle for a love that is too much or too little. After all, loving someone means helping them fill all their empty spaces instead of questioning how much love they can give. It does not come with measuring cups to know if it is full enough. Love is limitless, and therefore, you should know that your love should not just be an option.

When he is no longer happy, and you keep on giving and forgiving, learn to leave him because sometimes, letting him be is the best thing to do. You are worth more than apologies, and he should treat your love as if it is special because it is. No one is made to just to be an option in the end. No one is meant to be a second choice or worse, not be chosen at all. He should recognize the way you give your time freely. The way you care means you know how give and forgive someone who has hurt you, which is the ultimate act of love. Your partner has to know it and accept it.

Keep your head held high, and thank those who have treated you like an option.

Because of them, you know how to take good care of the people who have decided to stay. Love never leaves and never treats you like you are not a priority. Keep that in mind, and continue finding better people in all the right places.

Photo by Max Rovensky on Unsplash


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