How Modern Day Love Has Turned Into A Game…Who’s Winning?

Nothing feeds our generations anxiety more than the classic apprehensiveness of the if/what/when to text the person you’re maybe, kind of sort of crushing on game.

“Should I text him first?” the flustered girl will ask. “What should I say!?” And here is when two or three of her best girlfriends huddle around her and try to concoct the most perfect, well-calculated text.

Girl sends: ‘Hey, what’s up?’

Now, the waiting begins.

One friend is saying he’s probably just in the shower, or he’s not by his phone; another friend might be saying that he’s purposely not answering, or he’s just not into it. Either way, we are all dying with suspense.

Fourteen minutes later, he texts back: “Chillin, hbu”. Obviously she’s going to wait at least twenty minutes before sending her next meaningless text, trying to compete on being more breezy and casual than he is and then it continues into an awful snowball effect.

…This is a prime example of one of the countless times we play ‘the love game.’ It’s a game that we are all losing because our generation doesn’t even know we’re playing. I’m just starting to figure it all out, but I can tell you that we’re definitely all losing.

First of all, aren’t we all exhausted? We are all so focused on making sure that we are ‘playing it cool’ and keeping it casual that it’s not cool at all.

We are all at fault. The female population blames guys for love never working out because ‘they are all horny douchebags and the nice guys are boring’. What girls are saying here is that they basically crave the game, they crave the anticipated time lapse between texts and wondering what he’s doing.

I’m a perfect example of this because when a guy texts me back TOO FAST, I get creeped out and think he’s too eager but when a guy takes TOO LONG to text me back, I freak out and think he’s not into me or he’s with someone else; ultimately making me want him to want me more. It’s fucking twisted.

We all want what we can’t have. I’ve heard the story too many times where the nice guy is annoyed that the girl doesn’t like him and she’s obsessed with a guy who doesn’t treat her right. I’d like to bet that if the girl decided to like the nice guy, he would lose interest because it’s not a chase anymore.

Do we want to be dating and be in control and be the one who is being chased or do we all really want that flawless deep love relationship with our soulmate and best friend? Does that even exist? Is any relationship even flawless?

Girls, don’t be pathetic. It’s no wonder you’re all single and complaining about it. We know that we all have those ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ decorations all over our apartments so how are we only Bitching, Whining, and Complaining?

Here’s a tip: Stop tweeting/instagramming dumb quotes about what you ‘deserve.’

Example: “A guy should ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.”When you do this, it paints a picture to me that you’re sitting around, staring into the sky holding a grudge on some frat guy who ‘didn’t treat you right’ and you’re now thinking of all the things he SHOULD be doing. On to the next one, sister.

Guys, Stop acting like it’s wrong to have real feelings for a girl, especially when a special one comes along. You think sleeping with random blacked out girls makes you cool? It doesn’t, it gives you HPV. If you want to walk around feeling like a boss, then take a look at the real bosses among you. Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, the list could go on. The most bad ass men in entertainment are devoted men to a strong woman by their side.

We both have unrealistic expectations. Girls expect to be spoiled by some make believe knight in shining armor. Guys expect a make believe girl who looks good naked and also orders a bacon cheeseburger. Honestly, we are all fucked when it comes to real relationships. Once we get over the initial game of getting one another, we fight to have control in the relationship. The game doesn’t end, it just escalates to a different level. It’s not really about love, it’s about power and how others view you and your relationship. So until shit changes, looks like we are all single for life.

Live Laugh Love,



Featured image via Ajay Donga on Pexels


  1. Not too bad for a comedian (much better than your last article I read). Yes, women with the “I deserve a man who treats me best when I’m at my worst” quotes on FB make me sick, however, we are all goofing on FB, I probably post things they think are weird like “10 ways to kiss a vagina” or “After she opened her mouth He did this”, and well you know. 90% of us men are douchebags or boring nice guys, 10% are a real catch, and the women 90% are either a lot overweight, have too many kids (they can’t afford also), or squawk and scream as their normal means of communication….I’m just sayin.


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