How To Get Through The 4 Most Common Fights Couples Have

Every couple argues, even if they say they don’t. Partners are together all the time, some even live together. That is more than likely going to cause some tension and cause some disagreements. The things couples fight about often vary, however, there are a few common fights most couples can say they have had at least once.

Where to eat

This is one of, if not the most, common fights couples have. It can sometimes be a pretty regular argument if there both parties have difficulty in making a decision. Then there is the issue of not liking what the other person wants which ultimately leads to more fighting.

One way to prevent this fight from recurring is to have a safe place. This is a place that you both like and you both agree on so that in times of distress you know where you are going. This way if neither of you can pick any place else you agree on you know you at least have that one place as a backup plan.


As time passes in the relationship, many couples tend to share the financial costs that come with deepening relationships. Nowadays it’s hard to survive on one income only but even if you don’t live together here are a few suggestions to help ease the stress you might face.

It’s extremely helpful to set a monthly budget and keep within that goal. Another way is to create a financial planner or notebook. It keeps track of your wants (like bucket list wishes or things you want to reward yourself with) bills and other related money things. It allows you to spend time together and organize your costs at the same time. Other ideas are to alternate who pays or set a date/gift budget.

Spending time together

It’s no secret that work, family, school and other matters can take up someone’s time. In this day and age, a lot of individuals are more work focused than other generations. The rising costs of living only add to the drive to achieve a steady income. At the end of the day it can be difficult to give your partner attention, as much as you desire to – sometimes exhaustion takes over.

Here and there we forget about the little things when we’re so focused on the big pictures in our lives. It’s always good to communicate honestly, as best as possible, when you’re apart, even if it’s small. Simple text messages, tiny gifts (like their favorite candy) or little notes your partner can find can show you’re thinking of them. Slip in a short video call, go old school and write letters to one another, or squeeze in a meal together. Make sure to treasure those little moments, the good morning kisses, the coffee shop stop or nighttime cuddles. Relationships require teamwork, even if you’re doing your own things, work as best as you can together in your own ways to keep that foundation strong.


A lot of couples try to split the housework. However, sometimes we overlook things, have no knowledge how to do them or just hate doing that one chore. The famous saying is “You don’t really know someone till you live with them.” Which in the case of chores, can be especially true.

Whether you’ve just having sleepovers, starting a new life together or have been living together for a while – the best tip is to sit down and discuss the chores. Be open about what chores need to be done, what ones you like and what chores you’re actually good at. Make a list, read them over and find a way to bring together a team effort in maintaining your home in your own ways.

There’s a lot of things couples deal with and a lot of things they don’t. Our personalities, background and other things totally play a factor in who we are today. Especially in who we are in a relationship. At the end of the day, communication is always key though. It seems easy but it really can get lost in between the busy schedules and other matters. An open line of discussion can definitely save trouble in the long run and make moving forward together a lot smoother. Hopefully, these tips can save you time and allow you to focus on other important issues!

Collab with Samantha Proctor

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