Sometimes The Best Thing You Can Offer Someone Is Your Prayers

Prayer is powerful. It’s a way of telling God what you care about and expressing your concerns. Yes, I pray. I pray for those who are affected by natural disasters, shootings, and other tragic events. I think that God hears them and I believe he has the power to do something about it. Just because these terrible things happen does not mean God is not listening or that he doesn’t care. I have faith because I know the power of prayer is the power of God.

Many people in light of recent events have said that prayer is pointless. That it is not accomplishing anything. I disagree. I know that God can help those in need and he has the desire to help those who ask for it. But you have to ask for it. If you sit back and think it’s unnecessary because it’s not likely to get answered, then you are right. Because if you don’t talk to God, he won’t hear you.

Prayer is not scary. It’s merely talking to God. It’s asking him to help take care of you and the world you live in. You can pray anywhere about anything. A lousy prayer or a wrong prayer doesn’t exist. Any prayer is significant, and God hears every one of them. Don’t discredit yourself just because you think you can’t-do it. It’s just a conversation with God. God wants us to need him, and when we talk to him, he knows that we need him.

Prayer is a valuable thing. It’s how we connect and communicate with God. It’s our only real way of having a relationship with him. Just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean that your prayer was not heard or that it was pointless or wrong. Sometimes God’s answer is “no.” We don’t get everything we want. God gives us what we need. Sometimes what you need is to be told “no” or “not right now.” That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t hear you or doesn’t care. He heard you, but he also knows what is best for you.

Sometimes we don’t have the times or money to go help people who have suffered. We can’t always pick up and rush to the aid of someone across the country. So the very best thing we can do is pray for those people and ask God to aid them because he can. He is powerful and gracious. He is giving to those who believe and ask for help. So my prayers for them are not pointless. They are valuable because I am expressing my concerns and thoughts to God who I know can help them.

I know that my prayers are valuable and influential./em> So when people tell me praying for people isn’t helping them I have to disagree. I know he can help and I know he will. I won’t stop praying no matter what others say. That is between me and my own beliefs about God. No one else’s opinion matters and you shouldn’t let it matter to you either. Don’t be ashamed of talking to God and asking him to help those you can’t help. There is nothing more humble and self-reflecting than reaching out to God for other people.

Feature image via Diana Simumpande on Unsplash



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