To The Girl Who Lost Herself Trying To Save Everyone Else

This is for all the girls who tried to save someone. May it be a boyfriend, a girlfriend or a best friend. This is for the girls who lost themselves fighting for someone else. Whether it be their happiness, their dreams or just to get them to appreciate you. You lost part of yourself when you gave it up to them. And they used you and crushed you. I hope when you read this you know just how special you are, how important you are, and that nothing matters more than loving yourself.

I feel for you. I see you. I believe in you

I know why you tried time and time again to build a broken friendship.

I understand the void you feel. The emptiness.

The loneliness. I see how big your heart is.

How all you want to do is save her. But you couldn’t do it .You couldn’t save her

She couldn’t be saved.

I know why you stayed up all those endless nights waiting for a call. Why you’d cancel on anyone and anything to run to see her. Why you gave up on yourself for her. You thought she needed you. You thought you were all she had.

But she played you. Broke you. Manipulated you. Used you. You should’ve known. You did know. But you ignored it. Blamed yourself.

You saw the best in her. The little things. You never would’ve expected her to turn on you. To break you. To leave you. To hurt you.

And then you were left with nothing. A void in your heart. The loneliness aching through your body.

You failed. You didn’t save her.

And in the process, you lost yourself.

For all the broken souls out there I implore you to look within yourself for love and self-worth. Just because you have been broken before does not mean you will stay broken. This is for you, it’s your time to save yourself.

Featured image via Yoann Boyer on Unsplash


  1. “his is for you, it’s your time to save yourself.” an incredible line, and so true. I hope these lovely souls can realize they deserve it. <3


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